#9 Dylan Shiel



Double parked on the wrong side of the road driving a schmick Mercedes.

(I’ve been informed he is on training camp)


David Myers :wink:


Would you put worsfold in the coaching group


Why would you do that when we have Skipworth?


@sameolds: Did you buy a computer that lacks a “?” key?

If not, it must be pristine because you never have used it for your many questions posted here.

Do you have a “?” phobia?


It’s his shtick :wink:


It’s not a schmick shtick.


Hahaha! Slick!


Good question?


I don’t think question marks, or any other mark for that matter, supports deadpan stuff.
I did make a loose deal with myself to start using it when I got a new job at start of the year but old habits die hard.


Do they


“Do they” is that the beginning of a question or are you making a statement?


To be fair, it does look like a mean pirate hook… kinda little bit scary




Is a thread on Dylan Shiel really the place to start a revolt against punctuation


He is the master of grammar. I thought we established that a few pages back.


Is that really a question?


I hear English people with a lisp sleep under these…


No, it is usually a pronoun.


I didn’t go to grammar
???I went to a public school???
,I was a comma nah ,