#9 Dylan Shiel


I think we saw this for the last 14 games.


Hope you are right but every time I think team is about to turn the corner they balls it up and let me down the next year.


You can’t expect teams to play at the same level each week, there will always be games where the ball doesn’t bounce the right way or the team doesn’t quite gel. What the best teams do is bring the same intent and energy to 9 out of 10 games and always get themselves up for big games.


I understand that. like you said as long as they bring the same effort and intent to win each week then it dosen’t bother me if we lose.


So you should have been happy with the last 14 weeks then


I give it 5 rounds in and it’ll be more of the same.


What round do we play FCFC




If Hitler was Carlton CEO. LOL


He isn’t?


Was this withdrawn because it was highly offensive or just a crap post


it was definitely a hot take, that’s for sure.




“And we are just a turd”. It’s good work


I looked that up and was horrified to realise that half my posts are “Hot Takes”
The other half are worse. They are based on data from CD .


I’m just identifying


Don’t bet on it. This team is now the real deal.


Sportsbet have Shiel sitting at $26 for the Brownlow atm, is the lowest price Essendon player, with Hepp and Zerret sitting at $51 along with Buddy, Ablett, O’Meara, Selwood etc…

It seems the punters reckon our top midfielders are in good company.


Not enough Shiel talk around here I don’t think.

Will win the Brownlow this year in a premiership year.


i thought that was McGrath