#9 Dylan Shiel


Nope, definitely Dylan.

McGrath wins the Norm


i thought that was Tippa


Nah, he wins Mark of the Year (gets a boost on top of Joe on top of Carlisle).


I thought it was Parish


Nah, he takes out the Freeman medal


Myers for Even More Improved?


bags wins that


Has he played long enough to qualify?


this year


back on topic…

That would be an excellent outcome.


I’m a believer.

I think the club is in a very good place.

And all the talk from the club this preseason sounds like a club that is quietly confident.

We have the older guys still at the top of their game. We have the middle age group of high quality players and then we have the talented youngsters that are ready to take the next step.

The stars are aligning.


It’s one step up from our recent trend of big recruits winning the best and fairest


Shiel will be in the spotlight this year because he was the “big fish” in the trade season just gone. That will certainly help with Brownlow votes.

Let’s not forget Merrett has polled about 20 more votes than Dylan in 2 less seasons. My money would be on Zach.


Pffft… won’t even win the Club best and fairest.



Well it’s not like the Brownlow winner hasn’t been their clubs best and fairest before. I’d be somewhat surprised if Shiel had a Brownlow season though


He’s going to do a Devon Smith and smash it.

all this talk by critics saying he was the Giants 5th best midfielder will be driving him.


Shiel had to compete with a galaxy of top5 draft pick mids at GWS. This resulted in reduced midfield time. Imo brownlow votes are proportional to midfield time. I expect Shiel to share central midfield role with Hepp about 50/50. He will get more brownlow votes than in any previous season.


Pidge for my money.


It was actually injury to Scully, and Whitfield having to go back, meaning they needed Shiel to play as an outside player that lead to less inside mid time.


And Hepp has polled more than both of them