#9 Dylan Shiel


Anyone else thinking about buying a Richmond membership?

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Was wondering why that kept popping up!



You post was well thought out and was really plausible for you.

However, since when has GWS been a “successful organisation”. I would suggest that they may have let a massive opportunity to dominate the Competition slip by.


They held on to their massive opportunity longer than GCS did. So that’s something.


Understand what u are saying. Last year he was instructed to play a roll he wasn’t suited to. Gws has an embarrassing amount of great inside mids. Sheil coming back from injury was forced into an outside role. Its not his number one strength.

With us he will be played inside where he has played his best footy in the past. It’s exactly what we needed.


Official Club Photo.



It’s a bit early to make that call. There’s still plenty of talent on that list with some highly rated kids coming through


Is that a celebratory beer he’s practising for?


Maybe our AI overlords are not ready to take over the world just yet.


premiership cup



Had to laugh at the first couple of pars considering all the armchair experts and communication specialists that criticise his kicking efficiency.

"Dylan Shiel has built a reputation in the first half of his AFL career of being a smooth-moving, classy ball user that rarely wastes a disposal.

As one club footy boss commented this week: “if you give him space, he’ll cut you in half.”


Nice article.

Seems pretty level headed and the AFL will be happy he’s not shi*tting all over Sydney.

Interesting to see how his role with us works out. He said he wants to add a bit more grunt inside but he’s not changing too much. I get the impression he feels if the ball is there to be won he feels the team might benefit more from him winning it and feeding it out rather than waiting for someone to feed it out to him.

I guess it’s a combination of respecting we have some good outside players already and feeling that he might be able to add more to our inside work.

Will definitely be a huge talking point all year.


He was happy being back at Edi-Asp last night. My son plays there so i heard a whisper he’d be around but i couldn’t get there.


Fair enough. My thinking was based on the last 3 years where they made 2 prelims and a semi after 4 years of significant growing pains. I consider them a legitimate force that will be finals relevant for a while yet. I love their arrogance too, even if they haven’t earned the right yet BUT they’re a chance of taking out the big in the next 5. So in answer to your question, I base “success” on how they’ve developed into an on field force, from scratch, in a relatively short space of time.


Judd did change his game when he moved to Carlton, but he was hardly an outside midfielder at West Coast


It helps when the AFL gives them a gazillion first rds picks and first dibs on the best 17 years old in the country.

I hope they keep losing quality players and end up being a middle rung of the ladder team the AFL gave them too much of a leg up.


Love it. The hypermeter has reached critical mass over the preseason and Shiel smacked it down reminding all and sundry that the EFC have done nothing to deserve the attention, declaring the team are not at the level yet to talk finals and expectations around finals. Truer words were never spoken…


It might be true but it dosn’t help sell more memberships and finals ticcket guarantees.


Yeah, had to laugh at that. The writer clearly just wanted to make Judd’s style change sound as large as possible so he could relate it back to the theme that Shiel will be playing somewhat of different role. I mean one of the reasons everyone envied the Eagles in those early years is because Judd was an explosive inside player and they are as rare as anything.