#9 Dylan Shiel


all the clubs agreed to the draft selections that they were given however. and its not like they were instantly successful. GWS worked hard to get to the position its in now.


The club’s agreed, oh that’s a good one.


Well please elaborate then…


The ultimate professional.


Personally I would have barred GWS from the first round of the draft after the initial intake also wouldn’t give them access to the best young talent before their draft age either.

They can fill the rest of the team with state league players.


Well that would have set them up for a Bad news Brisbane Bears scenario


You don’t so much agree with the AFL, as you sleep with the fishes if you don’t.


I need to know who they merge with before I can tell if this is a good scenario or not.


If its good enough for Thomas the Tank Engine its good enough for Dylan.

If cars could football

Haha, it’s clearly turned into a bit of a gag amongst the players. Did you see Belly smirk and look up at somebody behind the reporters when he said it?


I think the AFL got it right. If they gave them TOO much they would have won a flag. Gold Coast got plenty of special treatment and look where they are. There’s no point in introducing a new club and setting them up to fail. The sooner they become competitive the less of a drain they become on the competition as a whole.



We could do a whole thread of these!

In fact, maybe I’ll go start one. (It’s not as if there’s footy to discuss.)




The second time I saw that style of jacket recently, I said wtf?
I assumed someone had just come from the op shop the first time.


That’s ■■■■■■■ bullshit Dan Richardson does not get involved in list Management. Get your facts straight. Can’t half tell you hate Dodoro


He has been talking to Tommy too much!


Black and red, cannot see the problem. Lovely light summer jacket



Shiel is shimmying away at aflx. Looking good