#9 Dylan Shiel


Personally I think he looks great in red and black.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


From the Sun. ( paywall )

Dylan Shiel says Essendons complement of midfielders will all be available to take on his former club Greater Western Sydney in Round 1.




anybody notice how strong he is over the ball. he rarely loses his feet. Just hunts the ball and pressures his apponent until they fall over.


I guess we will see how he goes against Cripps on Thursday night !
Cripps is a much bigger bloke. Maybe Myers can protect Shiel as well.?


Agree, he is known for his dash but his hardness is underrated.


A bit too much information thanks Mrs Shiel


Giving away a bit of height to take on Cripps. But will have him well covered for breakaway speed, which will be very important in 6-6-6



Wouldn’t you think we would use Langford or Heppell for Cripps?


Bigger than all our mids Myers or Langford will have to go 1v1 with Cripps.


Yes, that’s a better matchup clearly on the basis of size, but as I understand it we don’t directly “tag” , that is by giving a player an assignment on any one player, obviously that’s other than at starting positions in stoppages. The idea is our mids cover the opponent nearest them at any given time. Isn’t that what Harding said in essence?

In that case Cripps may come up against any one of our mids at times.


We tag. It’s just not a hard tag fixed to one player. Our tagger will roll across various opponents depending on who is causing the most danger/damage at any given time.


Would ask P Ambrose to dedicate the rest of his playing days against Carl to shutting down Cripps.


Ahah. So who is our tagger?


It varies a bit, but they tend to use Myers a lot. But anyone could find themselves with the job really, depending on who we are playing.


Thanks. I will have to watch stoppages very very closely to have any chance of seeing that, but its a good clue. We have a number of very good footy brains of this forum, but I cant ever recall any of them pointing it out.
Of course for me its a mystery. CD don’t have a stat for it!


Cripps is a beast, he is kpp size. No way would you put Shiel on him, unless it was to expose Cripps on the breakaway and outside.


It may be more a matter of who FCFC put on Shiel. Shiel has been tagged out of games in the past. #35 Ed Curnow is the fcfc tagger who has tagged Zach Merret in round 8 2018.


How many thread hath Cripps Pat-rick.