#9 Dylan Shiel


Why do we give a ■■■■ about Cripps anyway?
Surely we should be more worried about good players in decent teams


Because blitz has and always will have a love affair with big bodied mids.

Dodoro has them all triggered from years of picking outside players and half back flankers.


And isn’t it great that they can’t sit on them both. Someone is left to run free.


Then you add Heppell, Zaka or the rise of McGrath, Parish and Langford who will gobble you up.


We are already one of the better centre clearance sides in the comp. I suspect Shiel, who has never played with a tap ruckman as good as tbell, will improve our centre clearance rate and effectiveness. This should hold us in good stead to take advantage of the new 6-6-6 rule.


It’ll be interesting to see how we set up in the forward line for the centre bounces and who moves where after the bounce. Training watchers @nackers, @Deckham, @MattPocock18 and others, what do you think based on what you’ve seen?

With 12 players starting in the 50 m arc it could be crowded for Joey (or Joey stand in) to find space to lead into. Although it will favour him to leap into a pack. Obviously the positioning and coordination between the tall forwards and the small crumbers is crucial.


Peak Mummy was pretty fkg good.


He was good around the ground and when the ball hit the deck but I don’t think his tap work was ever a patch on tbell


Some of TBell’s tap work last year was sublime.


As I recall, he was tapping it time and time again to his teammates. Like a mother bird feeding its young.


Vomiting down their throats? It’s definitely an interesting and novel ruck technique


I’d like to see us isolate a favorable match up in the goal square with 4 of the rest starting a bit higher, two moving towards each corner of the square to be leading and crumbing options for a short of and the 5th floating in the middle able to read the play and go wherever the ball goes


Just made the mistake of reading Barrett’s article on Sheil’ trade on AFL site.
A bucket would have come in handy.
What a ■■■■!


Pure fiction.

He is such a flog.


Saw that as well. Rehashing Shiel’s “second thoughts” on joining Essendon and also having a dig at Essendon’s behaviour at the trade table.

Is he for real?! Joke of an article.


I saw that ■■■■ too. Richardson has said time and time again that he didn’t get involved and that the drama was talked up for the sake of their failure of a live trade tv show. So has Dodoro. I just want some ■■■■■■■ football already.


What a laughable waste of space Barrett is


AFLX wasn’t going to carry the AFL clickbait headlines


Lol. Article has almost no quotes from anyone involved yet makes plenty f claims without backing them up. And the quotes it does have are from Dylan that night and I’m sure if I was to go and see this “Trade Table” TV show he mentions I’d see those quotes are taken out of context given how snipped and not exactly answering what he’s talking about they are.


“Shiel has convinced himself he made the right decision”. FFS Barrett is a scum sucking, oxygen thieving moron of the highest order. And butt ugly too.