#9 Dylan Shiel


The surname Barrett apparently means ‘bear power’.
So in an Australian context that describes a stoned koala p1ssing on people.
Apt description I’d postulate.

Anyway go Shiel!
Last year’s recruits were exciting- Shiel should be Adam ‘Icing’ Cooney on afterburners


Barrett is a busy journo and it’s preseason clickbait. He probably punched it out while on the dunny at lunch.


It’s just the grass, Shiel is actually taller.


Cripps and Shiel in the same midfield what could have been for Carlton lols suck a bag of dicks.


you could of just ended your post there and it would of been an 8/10 post. But it’s the rest that pumped it up to a 10/10


Barrett. I knew this was coming. After his 2 months off he started with an article on Hannebury, the trouble is, he missed the boat on the AFL drugs issue and instead tried to make it all about Essendon being hard to deal with.

I tend to the view that he didn’t “miss” the boat. He is trying to create a distraction. After all, we all do what our boss tells us to do. If we want to keep our jobs.


What a waste of time ■■■■■■■ article.

Even if it’s 100% true (and the odds of that are astronomical), who actually gives a ■■■■? If I was a Fark Carlton fan I’d have no interest in reading articles about a guy we missed out on. If I was a fan of 16 other clubs I wouldn’t give a ■■■■ either.


Seems fitting.


The thing that is comical is that the sticking point is essendon were apparently being tough to deal with and Carlton were going swoop in the last 20 mins of exchange period.

However Carlton was not prepared to trade pick 1, so exactly where was Carlton finding 2 r1 picks at the 11th hour?

It’s illogical.


Just came on here to post Barrett is a cvnt. Seriously, if that bloke choke on his own dribbling personality one day, I’ll go he. ■■■■.


Exactly. The point he made about GWS wanting Sheil to go to Carlton would have been related as well. They only would have wanted that if Pick 1 was on the table. He forgot to mention that little titbit.


I look forward to his insightful analysis of the machinations at the Trump and Jong Un summit.


All of you who have clicked on his article have made him relevant


Well, I for one look forward to Parrot’s dissertation on and blow-by-blow breakdown of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
From there it’s only a hop, skip and jump and the man will be solving cancer.
I’m not quite sure how mankind actually coped during the pre-Barrett years…


Shiel was so unsure about Essendon, he was only willing to commit to the club for 5 years. Purple is a true fuckstick.


Barretts just acting out because his piece of sh|t club is going to miss out on their #1 target Josh Kelly again. theyve missed out on literally every star player that they have made a bid for. his hatred for us is the only thing keeping him going at this point.


cough six cough




We haven’t won a final in how many years? I don’t think “hatred for us” is fueling anyone.


My enduring memory of Polec is him chasing zaka the length of the field looking like his underwear was down around his ankles.

He looked very very average.