#9 Dylan Shiel


I’m almost convinced that the first piece of play after the siren goes to start our first game against GWS will be Bellchambers down to Shiel who takes 10 steps and roosts it forward to Joey who plucks it out of the sky 20 metres from goal, and maybe kicks it.



Fark, well you havent ventured outside of this forum much then!


You don’t even have step outside this forum


Yep, norf got that guy and had to take super spud Pittard with him too.


In fact he was so unsure that he added another year on top of that


Hey Damo



Good onya Nino. Go Bombers!


Yeah. I feel dirty just reading the first couple of paragraphs.


Damien who?


that’s enough for us


I can’t help you sorry @Bomb_Doe. With Heppell, Merrett and earlier Parish being on modified programs, and when the team have been practicing stoppages different players opposing each other I really have no idea how they expect to line up or what combinations they will use.

I also think they will keep some of their tactics as a bit of a surprise for the start of the season




I think he meant the forwards movement.
From what I’ve seen no preference as to who goes to goal square. However Smack and Daniher I haven’t seen start there as the ball wont get there to create a one on one. The left over 5 have started in a cluster 25-30m our every time and defenders have just stayed one on one.


cheers Maxx, it was this I was asking about.


■■■■ Barrett… Dev Smith just said in an interview yesterday that Sheil messaged him just last week to thank him for convincing him to come to Essendon, and that everything he said about the club is true.


I’m not losing my ■■■■ over this. Barrett is writing nothing more than a filler. It’s clickbait pure and simple. Matthew Lloyd could’ve been a Carlturd if the AFL didn’t lift the Father/Son qualification from 25 to 50 games at the time he was draft eligible. It just makes it better. You COULD have had him, but you didn’t. You flew him over to the Gold Coast, wined and dined him. We took him out for a coffee. Says plenty about the kid that he saw through the crap that Carlton were offering and chose us. Can’t wait to see him in action for us!


He wants a successful career but not to be flown around in small planes and be brown nosed to coming. The fact he knocked back his idol in Judd who was a key part of the push to get him says a lot of how he went about it.

It also says a lot about how attractive we are as a destination club.


I suppose foregoing a huge stack of cash also played a part in convincing himself to pick the Bombers.


I actually think it says more about Carlton. He clearly can’t see them contending in a 7 year window. To sign with the rival club of who you grew up supporting for waaaay less money and 1 year less on the contract is pretty heavy.