#9 Dylan Shiel


Disagree. There is nothing pure about Barrett.


Fantastic to hear how positive Smith is about Essendon after only one year. A credit to the club and bodes very well for the future.


Another thing to note is how highly both Cooney and Josh Green speak of the club even though they didn’t spend a huge amount of time with us.

We are doing something right down there and that’s a credit to the club.


I’ll give the club credit when we win a final.


Can we give them credit now and again when we win the flag later in the year?


that’s a six month wait


Wait until he has 50k plus fans cheering him on at games.


Yes but Josh left Brisbane before Hodge arrived up there to show them what to do in the gym.


Would lol if Coniglio decides to leave GWS and join Essendon.


Fark me Dylan Shiel is lining up for us tonight


I wouldn’t lol.

I’d Gumb.


So…did he get injured? How’d he play?


Did some really nice things. Get excited!


Apparantly a corkie i read somewhere but we will see when a statement is released


He looked a bit concerned.
It’s a bit of a worry.


That’s what Shiel said post game, I’d expect them to rest him next week and ensure it doesn’t end up causing issue in the season.


like a plodder. didn’t lookout of place though


Had 15 disposals probably would have had 25+ if he didn’t come off injured.


2 x 1st rounders ouch!

Seriously though that match means absolutely nothing

He’ll be a gun


Not fussed about using 2x first rounders I doubt we would have found 2 kids in draft that are better than Shiel