#9 Dylan Shiel


This is an issue after JLT 1? Never change blitz. Or rather, it seems impossible that blitz can ever change.


If we happen to win a flag at some point, I’ll be interested to see what blitz is like afterwards.
eg. if we win the flag this year, then lose JLT to Fark Carlton next year, I’d say no-one will give a ■■■■


If my boss is anything to go by (Hes a diehard Richmond man, hasnt missed a home game in 10+ years), everything is so much easier to swallow. He would white knuckle every game but now he just sits back and enjoys. i felt this way in the early 2000’s. but unfortunately, that feeling erodes with a lack of success…


I always care about losing to Carlton.

I’m actually surprised most people are nonplussed about it.


I was amused that one of his early disposals was a look-away handball to a player that was … well, looking away so the ball hit him in back of the hip.

So at least we know he is starting to learn how to football Essington style.


One of Sheil’s first possessions (maybe his first) was near the boundary line. He was tackled and had his head ripped off. No Free. Welcome to Essendon Dylan.


What about the high floater across the ground through the middle to a one on one.
What about the centre clearance handball to guelfi, drags two opponents and Guelfi has a look to see what’s happening in the crowd or the kick inside 50 and he’s pointing to the right pocket… every Essendon fwd runs to the left pocket!

Welcome to Essendon.


If it was a real game i’d be very angry. I’ve never cared about JLT matches.


This was to Guelfi. Guelfi wasn’t paying enough attention but the handball was ■■■■ and missed him by about 3 feet. I don’t think Geulf could have grabbed it anyway.


Carlton crowd booed Shiel. LOL. Maybe they should be booing SOS and Judd . they clearly failed to get the trade done.


Not sure who Adrian was supposed to deal with when GWS were busy doing other deals to clear cap space? And when they did wanted to keep Dylan. But Adrian was not going to let Dylan down. ■■■■■■■ crater face has no ■■■■■■■ idea.


Shillin’ Deal


Winning a flag at some point would require being able to beat the wooden spooners in a practice game, or actually being excited to play footy, both of which seems hard for players on our team


Well, there you go. Shame, really.
Try again next year - it may be a better game.


It’s pretty frustrating that it’s all over just like that.


Like many an experienced player, Shiel went through the motions in JLT1.


Well actually, no it wouldn’t.
No premiership points given out in practice games.


You must be new around here.


I went to training today (Monday). Shiel was fine and did the match practice.

Training Monday 4/3/2019