#9 Dylan Shiel


No one I’ve seen here talks about 4 mids only.
And it’s not just Blitz & the Essendon coaches & players that reckons our midfield bats deeper than almost anyone.
So instead of a statement, how about you actually list all those “14 or so guys” from other clubs compared to our mids?

Or you could actually read the threads where Blitzers have already done this.
I’ll do the easy bit (again)
Hepp, Shiel, Merrett, Smith, McGrath, Myers, Zaharakis, Langford, Parish, Walla, Stringer.
That’s 11, not counting Fanta, Guelfi, Laverde

Get over it - the real season starts in 15 days, and then we’ll see.


It seems to me supporters don’t rate a midfield unless it has a superstar. Mitchell. goat. Fyfe, gasp, Pendles, oh wowie, Martin ■■■, Oliver star, Dangerfield like wow.
But in general midfields are not really rated if they have lots of above average and average players, because they are rated by names, not how they play together.

Unless you talk to a few who value the players in midfield depth. Its also not only about who wins the most clearances ( althiough 666 may make that more important)

The fallacy of “names” was shown last year when “dangerwoodlet” turned out to be a house of cards.


Midfields are about the last 3 in the group rather than the top two or three. Most clubs have 1-3 real gun mids, but it’s the guys outside that that actually count.

It’s why I rate our midfields potential. But we just havent been able to get it to click. I hope we play players in the midfield to their strengths this year.


Mitchell and fyfe are elite but I and a lot of other supporters would not rate their teams midfield.


“Saints close in on Shiel” Just for fun, go back and have a look at this bloke make a complete idiot of himself.

"Hawthorn are considered the frontrunners as St Kilda and Carlton also try to attract GWS star Dylan Shiel. "


Tossing up between this t-shirt and the Fantasia (BT) one - might be a nice addition for my game day attire!


Anyone have Herald Sun access?

“Why Blues’ Noosa Trip Failed To Woo Shiel”

Dylan Shiel opens up about his new life in Melbourne, his obsessive nature and quitting sugar

Herald Sun

28 minutes ago

Melbourne is known for its coffee, but it’s a black edition of the supermarket instant variety in a KeepCup that is the go-to for the Bomber at the moment.

It’s been an acquired taste.

He’s quit sugar — which has included ditching milk, given its naturally-occurring lactose — with new teammates [Zach Merrett] and Andy McGrath, not just for the apparent health benefits but also for the challenge.

He’s the type of person who relishes the test.

“I can honestly say I’ve probably tried every diet going around in sport,” Shiel says with a grin.

“(Going sugar-free) has been challenging.

“Little things like that … I enjoy the challenge and having some sort of task ahead of me that’s keeping me entertained.”

He can be obsessive. That’s just his nature, and not just with diet.

High school might have ended at Caulfield Grammar more than eight years ago, but the 26-year-old’s penchant for homework continued well beyond the schoolyard — including on his new club.

“I don’t feel like it’s just for footy — it’s something I try to apply to all things in life,” he said.

“I try to be thorough and be the best I can be and absorb as much information as I can gather in all things I’m doing, whether it’s footy, uni, investment, learning new concepts around training or diet, relationships, everything like that.

“When I decide to do something, it’s sort of an obsessive-compulsive mindset.”

He looks to the NFL’s Tom Brady, NBA’s LeBron James and soccer’s Ronaldo — the best in their field.

“Critical consumer”, Shiel loves researching fad diets and radical concepts from across Australia and the world.

With the trade being “the biggest decision I’ve made in my life to date”, it required the appropriate application as he weighed up his destination before the shift from Greater Western Sydney was ratified in October.

“I was going to give it everything in terms of my complete attention to make sure I’d analysed everything,” the former Giant said, ironically sporting bright orange at Bombers HQ.

“I tend to probably overanalyze things. But in the end, I went with my instincts and that was based off all of the intel I’d gathered and work I’d put in to get to that decision.

“Certainly I’ve noticed, especially in recent times, it seems to be the thing to say for footballers — to say ‘I’m not really into footy, I don’t watch footy, I don’t read the paper’. But I love the game. It’s what I do. It’s not my purpose in life, but I certainly enjoy it.

“And if you’re going to be good at something, you might as well try and be a student of it, I guess.”

There’d been suitors, most famously [Carlton who flew the star midfielder aboard a private jet to Noosa] in an attempt to lure him.

“I did like Noosa,” he smiled wryly.

“That was an experience in itself. I certainly appreciate everything the clubs did. It came down to a footy decision.

“It just seemed like [Essendon were on a journey ] that I wanted to be a part of. I honestly feel like I can reach my full potential at this club.”

Once that decision had been made, he made a conscious effort to contact the other three in the race — Carlton, Hawthorn and St Kilda — personally to inform them of the news.

It was just “the right thing to do”.

From there, it was all business — just what he expects next weekend’s opening round clash with his former teammates to be.

Attention has been a major adjustment.

Homesickness for the Harbour City has been a challenge, and Shiel may move back once footy ends.

It’s “one extreme to the other” between Melbourne and Sydney, having been prepared to embrace the spotlight.

“In Sydney, guys like (Giants) Josh Kelly, Jeremy Cameron, Callan Ward, could walk around Sydney and really go unnoticed,” Shiel said.

“AFL supporters, generally, would see you but would leave you alone … unlike in Melbourne where obviously football is like a religion, so to speak. People have no hesitation in coming up to speak to you.

“I’m going to get used to it. I said I’d really enjoy it. Saying that and experiencing it is two different things.”

He reckons he “probably lives a pretty boring life”, so hasn’t had to change too much.

“But I have noticed that there’s a lot more eyes looking at you,” he said.

“You get a lot more people coming up to talk footy to you when you’re at restaurants or going shopping.

“I’ll tell you one thing — I will avoid going to Chadstone Shopping Centre in the week leading into Christmas. It doubled my time there! I’ll never do that again.”

Determined to have an impact on the inside as a Bomber, Shiel is adamant he won’t stray from the strengths that earned him All-Australian selection in 2017.

There’s another job to deal with — shaking a new nickname.

“They do (call me Rolls Royce),” Shiel laughs.

“I’m trying not to let it stick too much. Tom Bellchambers has tried to make that stick, and in my opinion that implies old and a classic, which I don’t want to be that just yet.

“I’m happy to be young, exciting, fast … not slow and classic or something that the Queen drives. It’s all a bit of fun.

“It’s a reflection of the playing group accepting me … I’ve really enjoyed my first six months at the club and hope they’ve enjoyed having me. I’m having really good fun.”

Shiel’s addition to the midfield sparked hope, with Essendon considered by some to be well in contention — certainly for the top eight and for some, the premiership.

But the star is conscious of keeping expectations tempered.

The willingness of players to adopt the one-percenters — like ditching the sweet stuff — is a sign those at Essendon are “open to change”, Shiel says, and possessing “that growth mindset to get better”.

“It looks like it could be (a team that has success),” he said.

“So much needs to be done between now and getting to there. Like, a lot.

“We have to get a lot right before we can start talking about Grand Finals and prelims and those sorts of things.

“On face value, this club looks pretty solid and probably the word is more that there’s potential there.

“I spent most of my career at a club with potential, and maybe the last few years were we were there and the Giants probably still are there. It looks like in a few years, the club could be at a really good level. It’s not going to be just this year, but hopefully years after.”

What can be expected from the Bombers in a word turns Shiel pensive.

Eyes closed, head bowed toward the Blend 43, his declaration is simple.



Thanks Speedy.

Wow, solid citizen. Really solid.


Shiel has a very positive outlook and so far he seems like a really straight shooter. This article gives me confidence.


Meh what would he know.


He’s nothing but a delusional happy clapper.


Rejecting milk is no reason to drink instant coffee. Delist.


Hahaha first thing I thought!


I’m in Noosa now and I’m open to all/any offers. It’s a different reality here.


Not so smart. He is homesick for Sydney and wants to go back there ?
Sydney is 40th on the latest list of the best cities in the world
On the other hand , Melbourne is second !


Agree. This is just another example of his poor decision making.


You almost convinced me with all that, ‘I just want a place to be positive’ stuff for a moment, you really did.


See if you can get a flight on a private jet with Juddy.