#9 Dylan Shiel


Sucked in Dylan . Enjoy the prime of your career been wasted at the EFC


Actually no we didn’t. It was quite clear he spent time going through the lists of both teams and felt he made the right choice himself. We didn’t sell him anything, he sold it to himself. FCFC sold him a lot harder than we did and he still chose us.

And that says we have a decent list, what we lack is up the top.


He actually had that look on his face a few times like he couldn’t believe what was happening. He’s not used to this


Woosha and X are good bullsh*t artists. That’s becoming pretty clear


They may be but they didn’t sell much to him, as he has already said, he made that decision himself without much input from the clubs.


I actually feel sorry for him. He doesn’t deserve this


Im not sure if we sold him a lemon or he sold us a lemon.


You don’t think he’s playing well?


I think he might mean that by him signing, we believed the list is better than what it actually is.


Shiel played excellent today I thought.

Not hitting a lot of targets by foot but I think that’s due to him kicking the ball to where a teammate should actually be.

Once he recognises that his teammates have NFI he will start kicking the ball towards them.


Shiel isn’t in great form. I was a maybe fan of his at GWS, but his form so far has been average. Can run and looks good in space, but he needs to get more contested ball and his delivery forward is awful. Not Robinson Crusoe, but our problem is in the middle and he’s part of that.


He had 18 contested touches last week haha

Was very good today


Nah, I dont care about the stats. I reckon hes looked pretty average.

Then again, he’s one of us now. It’s the essington way


Thought he gave us nothing today. But neither did pretty much anyone else. Wouldn’t be sure if he ■■■■■ off. I haven’t seen anything from him showing he has actually had an enjoyable time with us so far


I’m happy we got him, but whitfield would’ve been who i’d thrown the $s at.


Every member of our midfield is at least 20% off, Dylan included, he at least looks fit enough.


this is spot on.


The guy is already carrying our garbage midfield

Apart from a few bad kicks thought he was good


GWS currently licking their lips that one of the 1st round picks from the trade will be a top 4 selection


Just had to kick that goal in the 3rd. Big money player, the crowd was just waiting for a reason to go ape ■■■■, and he sprays it from 30. Sums up this club.