#9 Dylan Shiel


Shoulder. 2 weeks.


It just keeps getting better doesn’t it!


Another one guilty of bombing it long to Tippa like he’s a tall forward, 2 v 1


April fools?


Yes. April fools


He started to look very good in the 3rd…
I actually started to believe he could single handedly carry us over the line.

It looks like he can’t be tackled. His agility to move around players is amazing, and then he has the strength to shrug the tackler. I feel like if we start to put some form together as a team, we will be druelling at what this bloke can do…


I am not at all unhappy with him. From his first game he was in our top 5 players and once the rest of the team bootstrap themselves he will still be a standout


He also has balance like a cat. There were times he was able to get away simply because he kept his feet and others hadn’t.


Yeah he’s been our best player across the two games collectively but can’t help but think that if he kicks that goal 35m directly in front then we take the momentum and win that game.

Got to be nailing those


Is that like … spitting at someone in a fight?


I reckon it was more than 35, but yeah agree with the point. That would’ve also released a shedload of pent up frustration in the crowd, the building roar as he kicked was going to be massive.

It must’ve been close? I was sitting side on


Dylan Shiel: signs for Essendon



Sure he gets a lot of the ball, but he is not the classy player everyone makes him out to be. Terrible decision maker and cant hit a target or the goals if his life depended on it.


Could have buried the Dees himself if he had of slotted those.



People on here can be so negative

He has hit the post twice
A metre difference and it would be a 19 touch 2 goal qtr first half.

Shiel is very good


Hit the post twice. If they were goals, you’d see it different. So… luck. Also, he’s done well streaming it out of the centre.


He has actually played well. He is working hard, creating run and space, he has just let himself and team down with his kicking. That can improve.


I was a bit down in him last week, but I would have given him the 3 votes at quarter time of he nailed those kicks until the forwardline. He’s been good and has great to watch.


Seriously going to ■■■ in my jocks when he kicks a goal!


slotted in nicely and just purring along at a high level
needs to get the panic gives out of his game when fatigued, is better than that.