#9 Dylan Shiel


Can’t wait till those shots from just on 50 start going in.


Would have been bog if he nailed those goals


It is his third game playing for his new club whilst trying to get accustomed to his new teammates.

This is his floor. His ceiling with be superb.


I know his disposal was sloppy… but tonights game was exactly why we recruited him. So much of the pill… clean hands, really set the tone early and was responsible for our first quarter fast start.

Then fulfilled his secondary role by taking the tag which allowed zerret and zaka to get off the chain and do damage.

This guy is a gun and worth everything we paid for him. Some of his lightning hands with parish and fanta were particularly awesome…


bursting at the seams to have a huge game, he doesn’t usually miss those passes or shots on goal, is just finding his feet, few more games and then watch out


Yep and absolute primo Martin break away speed with dont argues.

I think hes been so full of adrenalin with the crowd factor that hes been over cooking his kicks. Needs to take 5 to 10% off the kick and hell be unbelievably good.

He was awesome in the 1st half.

So long since weve had someone like him in the midfield!


His explosiveness was evident tonight.

We haven’t had that for how long?..

He adds a whole new dynamic to our midfield that we have been severely lacking and has made us far less predictable and harder to contain through the middle of the ground.

Give him to round 10 and I bet he is looking like a top 5-10 mid in the game.


If he improves his kicking by 10% and plays like this every game he could win a Brownlow.

Mr. Robot


was amazing last night,
I do hope in the future he is able to run out games a little better,

he started cramping midway through the third qtr and that’s the only reason he didn’t go on to get 35+ touches. you could see his movement was hampered.

was probably because of the heat but my gosh he is exciting to watch none the less.
getting very unlucky with his kicking for goal but im sure that he will nail those in the future.

very happy that we were able to bring him in and still got many years left in the tank.


He has been good and last night showed what his explosive absolute best could look like, was excellent.

Reckon when his team mates catch up to what he is doing, he, they and we will explode.


Somebody in the match day thread said we haven’t had anybody burst out of packs like Shiel since Jason Johnston - 100% agree about this astute observation.


The only bit of difference is JJ was a straight-line runner barging through people. Shiel has the shimmy.

I love that shimmy!


True; no finesse with JJ - would just run through whoever got in his way


Loved to see him explode from the stoppage. Gives us something very different doesn’t he. Elite in traffic and on the burst. Imagine when JD gets back!!


I agree
10 per cent will ensure he kicks about 3 goals every week
He thinks too quick for some of his team mates at present
The players need to learn how to
Shepherd him when he gets the ball


Fark he was good to watch last night. The way he bursts from packs and stoppage, holy fark. It’s obvious that he’s finding his feet - and we need to protect him a bit more - but we are lucky to have him.




He was enormous tonight, made the Demon plodders look slow.


He got a really tight tag, which is why his output diminished. Great problem to have because Merrett, Zaka and other got off the chain.


Zerrett was tagged by Harmes.

Shiel is the pure mid we have been crying out for. Watching him break away from the contest & stream forward was a thing of beauty last night.