#9 Dylan Shiel


Didn’t Harmes play on Shiel second half?


Yes he did, he was moved off Zaka and onto Shiel which freed up Zaka.


I thought he was on Zerrett in the first half.


Yep. Harmes tagged Zerrett in the first half.


Phew. Thought I was going mad for a minute.


Did you get to the game, mate? If yes, I imagine the kids loved it. I watched it at home with the little fella. Lost my voice. We were jumping around like madmen. Great win. :laughing:


If he slots one of those goals and gets his efficiency up a tad…



I think he got landed on awkwardly in a tackle in the third hence he was a bit hampered but still looked dangerous and presented. That first half really showed his Rolls Royce Kerr/Judd style.


Truth with Shiel is that he isn’t a 35+ guy and he typically doesn’t play more than 80% game time.

He is an explosive player who is a mtres gained, impact, clearance player.

If he isn’t running a game out its probably because with mutch gone and Smith on the pine Shiel played too many minutes.


Nah watched from home. My kids are like a precision instrument. Miss their bed time by a few minutes and they go as crazy as @westozziebomber after a few tins and a 100 point flogging.

Just sat on the couch and punched the sky a few times. Hopefully we can string a few together now.


Gold. :rofl:


This guys work in tight traffic was absolutely elite. Totally different player than what we’ve had for a while. He plays on and burns his opponent every time he takes a mark. Efficiency wasn’t great but even his bad kicks gained a lot of territory.


lol brilliant!


That type of performance will cause Fagan headaches. Will they tag Shiel or Merrett from the get go?


Man, if this guy can fix up his kicking. Wow. Even if not, wow.


It’s nice to know he is still away from being at his best, and yet he has still been very important to us.


For a topline player some of those inside 50’s would be embarrassing for him!

Tippa in 20m of space kicks over his head and OOB

Not long after. Smith in space kicks over his head and it goes OOB! Got a bake off Smith also!

The one to Stringer that Baguley crumbed perfectly was very good though.


Harness moved to Shiel at the start of 2nd quarter




Yep. They moved him from Zerrett to Shiel.