#9 Dylan Shiel


The smile on his face at the end of the game - good choice, Shiel!


He’s a very very good player

And he cant kick


Will get better as he and his teammates gain understanding of what each other can do, and are likely to do.

That makes kicking to advantage much easier.


I’ve noticed he has incredibly quick reflexes. The little things he does in packs to tap the ball onto himself or away from others are as good as any player I’ve seen.
His sideways movement in traffic are another strength to his game that are unique to our side. All in all I’m more than impressed with him so far.


If he could kick like Zerrett he’d be the best player in the league.


Thought his game was very good.

Few errant kicks sure, but he got a fair amount of ball, burst out of traffic like a man possessed, great hands on several occasions and his efficiency seemed pretty reasonable.

Big contributor in both wins.


To have a midfielder that can run out of contests the way he does is worth the bad kicking. Just need to stay deeper and let him kick long. He can’t take the weight off his kicks especially when he’s moving at speed.


I listened to a Stringer interview the other day and he said the most dificult part about switching teams is understanding how your new teammates operate.

He said it’s the simple little things like knowing whether they like to loop the ball a little, kick low and flat, or even if they kick it with too much depth.

Sheil if feel is still understanding a new game plan and also the leading patterns of new teammates.

Second half of this year we will see a far more polished outfit.


I reckon he learnt early about Heppells loopy kicks…


They had extra loop today.


Thank god another smart decision maker who can get a bit of the pill.
Joins Zerrett, Tippa and Stringer as one of our better users.



Tippa, Zerrett, Heppell and Shiel some variation right there


I wonder how he must feel running through the middle of the MCG in front of a big crowd vs playing at spotless for the giants.

Must feel good.
When is he going to run to 50 and kick a goal on the left?




#9 is working beautifully with #7.


I’ve never seen a player able to turn a hospital handball into an attack

one of the fastest reacting players i’ve seen, every game there’s 2 or 3 things where he just moves half a second faster

and i like that he still is going for his kicks even though he’s not hitting them, he’s having the balls to kick himself back into form instead of just giving up and loping them

think we’re up for some big highlights this year from dylan


Smith on GameDay said he and Shiel were texting last night (about how they’d pulled up after the game) and Shiel said he felt there was still 2-3 gears he could go up. Smith said to expect him to get even better.


Not surprised at that.

Physically he looks awesome but he has so much improvement to come from his decision making.

If we continue to win then he will rack up Brownlow votes.


Those hands to set up the Merrett goal. Running flat out, awkward bounce and didn’t even break stride to get it.

This guy is an absolute freak