#9 Dylan Shiel


I just loves this guys speed and ability to surge into space while everyone around him is waiting for the revs to get into third. A couple of times it felt like he just came from nowhere to link up or win the loose ball. It’s exciting to watch.

Reckon he took a bit of his kicking too. Looking for 35 to 45m kicks rather than 55.

For all that pace and power though I ■■■■■■ myself when Fanta blew past him at a centre clearance and Shiel had to do a double take like a pilot seeing Superman outside his window. Haha.

Speaking about his surging past, on several occasions I felt we failed to honour that player when we should have and it caused turnovers. It drive me mental how often we burn Conor. He we breaks through the middle
and he routinely halls ■■■■ to get ahead of the play and gets ignored in favour of kicking to a fifty/fifty. Just ■■■■■■■ give it to him and let him bury it post high from 60.

Things like this, a little bit of connection, makes me think we still have another level.

I’m holding my breath though until I see us take on an opponent who is really setting the ground up well and denying us run and carry at half back.


It really did look like Orazio was just showing off.

“Oh, you reckon you’re quick, do ya?”


That play were Fantasia run past Shiel was gold. It was like Superman v The Flash.

Shiel probably isn’t used to having 4 or 5 team mates who are faster than he is.

Saad, McKenna, Fantasia and Walla would all have him. Stringer might have him over the first 10m and McGrath might give him a surprise over 20-40m too.


I think that one was at a bounce where Fantasia started in the backline. 6-6-6 isn’t gonna stop us doing that!


Has he kicked a goal for us yet?



Reckon it’s gonna be a fair celebration when he breaks the duck.


Has he hit the post 2 or 3 times?


It’s why Conor is often starting on the back of the wing. Sometimes it would be to allow hooker to play spare sometimes because we were setting someone to charge through. At one point I actually saw him tell some one to run through the middle at the bounce. Maybe Redman


I think him and Parish are having a competition to see who can have the most clangers.


Dylans value was never going to be restricted to his output alone. It was going to be strongly linked with Zerrets output as well.

So far, so good.


Hepp says: “Hold my beer”.


The term we are using for this is a “bullet”. Sprint from the 50 into the center square while a wingman falls back into defence. In the final quarter against StKilda, the instruction at the bench was for a bullet at every center bounce. High risk high reward play.


good luck catching Raz if he gets the ball at full pace


It was a throw though


If that is a throw then very team has 100 throws a game.


Have you seen a replay?
People on here want to whinge about us getting burnt by the umps all the time, but plenty never acknowledge the obvious mistakes that go our way




Shiel just moves to fast for the human eye to really register.

Handball 100% :wink:


I prefer to think/see it as ‘I’ll take it, makes up for the one/s we should of got but didn’t’. :wink:


I love how this guy and Merrett link up.

Looks like a good understanding already.

I think Merrett has been crying out for a partner in crime like this