#9 Dylan Shiel


Hell yeah


He is such a weapon as the first receiver out of the contest.

I reckon Smith is right, we haven’t seen anything yet. He has played may finals campaign with GWS and would know it’s a marathon, to keep a lid on it till post the bye. I do think he stepped up a gear against Melbourne for a bit and that is what to expect come last ten rounds and finals if we make it.


Hope its not Joe Dan thats holding the beer for him because he’ll get an empty glass back


Now a fast break with Shiel busting forward from a centre bounce any errant kicks inside 50 still go 50/50 to forwards and defenders, because the opposition don’t have enough time to get extra players behind the ball. He will steady himself down a bit and improve his kicking, but lets be realistic, it may never be elite at full speed.


I’ve seen the replay. Just watched it then. Front on angle shows him handballing it.


Absolutely destroyed Brisbane in the first half… and we promptly take him out of the guts to start the third. Keeping him under wraps a bit.

Nobody is stopping him out of a clearance.





Some one make some gifs of Sheil dodging/weaving and bursting away from stoppages please.


Imagine if he was playing for Carlton they would ruin him with their sh*t game plan of trying not to get scored against.


My take from the article is that Essendon tried to bring in a more structured game plan but the players didn’t buy it. And watching them tear up the MCG on Saturday, thank God Worsfold has seen sense.



“Do their best when there aren’t rigid structures and it’s not too complicated” sounds like what a teacher trying to be diplomatic puts on the report card of a kid who eats glue


The guy is a bulldozer through the midfield. Very rarely gets taken to ground in the tackle either.


Shiel said that the mandate to play to their strengths and with freedom was there from before the first round.



Is this your work.

It’s fabulous


Worth every draft pick and penny was Judd like.

What a freak athlete


I know he said it, i just don’t believe him.


Fair enough, I can’t argue with that.


Nice one!

He’s actually very clever with hands in tight and knowing where his team mates are.

Just got to get him hitting more targets by foot and slotting goals!