#9 Dylan Shiel


Yep exactly.

Worsfold is a coach of the mid-2000s. He won a GF 58-54 (and lost another by 84-85). He’s of the defense wins premierships mold.

There is no doubt that last year he tried to implement a more defensive game plan. It didn’t work because we have a team of naturally attacking players. It took until round 8 for Worsfold to say 'Yeah ok - its not working, lets go back to what we do best".

This year he tried to do the same thing, even bringing in a new defensive coach in Rutten. It didn’t work again. Luckily, this year he abandoned this plan in after round 2.


And people say Worsfold doesn’t have a Plan B.

(Well, he doesn’t. But the players certainly do!)


Of all the criticisms I have of Woosha, his ego isn’t one of them. I don’t believe he has been trying to have the players fit to his defensive philosophies. I think he is a smart enough man to know the list he has and its strengths.

I also think, that he may actually lack the normal influence of some coaches. I get the general feeling that he has been trying to mould the role into a role similar to the classic football team manager ala soccer. He seems more and more hands off all the time.


I think there is enough evidence to suggest he has.

  • Dramatic change to the way the team played after round 8 last year - from players being all confused to free to run and gun.
  • Bringing in Rutten.
  • Dramatic change to the way the team played after round 2 this year - from players being all confused to free to run and gun.
  • Every player who has been interviewed in the past 2 weeks saying things like “freer to play our natural game”


If he wants a player driven performance it makes sense to embrace a style the players embrace.


These last few posts make it seem like the players are revolting and want to bring in Matty Knights insert phone upside down gif


This bloke can play, could be anything.


One of the most impressive things against Brisbane was how quickly the players transitioned from attack to defence. Even if they turned the ball over it was very difficult for Brisbane to slingshot effectively because of how quickly the players reacted to the turnover. All well and good attacking, but need to be able to defend if it gets turned over. Something that was lacking in the past. Not having three big slow midfielders and a fleet of quick midfielders helps alot.


I think there may be a slight misconstruing of things in here of people seeing what they want to.
oh they abanadoned the defensive gameplan and are just playing with freedom blah blah.

Watching the game they looked to set up defensively pretty damn well for once, and mimicked the general defensive trend most teams are setting up with now.

I’d say the more freedom to play thrilling football is on the attacking side, and maybe giving the players more freedom on moving the ball forward, instead of kicking just for distance and the boundary.

They seemed to slice through brisbanes zoning on the weekend which seemed like a pre determined plan, so i don’t think it’s as simple as some of you are making it out to be, oh they abandoned this and that.

from watching it and when i get around to watching the replay, they seemed to set up the best I’ve ever seen them and it did seem like there was a defensive structure there when they didn’t have the ball.


also is it just me or does shiel have the best posture and hairstyle in the game ?

i used to think it made him stuck up, but then recently learnt about bad habits with posture and just made me think, the man is just naturally gifted with great posture, it’s good viewing for some reason now.


You’re talking out of your ■■■■ on this one. In both 05 and 06 West Coast averaged 103 points for, which made them the 3rd and 4th highest scoring teams in those years respectively. They averaged 83 and 85 points against, which was the 4th best team defensively both years.

You’ve taken one single game, played against a Paul Roos team who are regarded as having one of the most negative game styles in the history of the competition, and created a bullshit narrative. Not to mention that West Coast actually lost that game and won the higher scoring one

Try sticking to actual facts


It’s just you :man_shrugging:t2:


Some of you people are weird.

Read between the lines of random post match quotes believing your made up interpretations are true, and dismiss actual fkn quotes because you don’t believe them.


Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams.


No, but is makes it move like over-cooked spaghetti !!


Initial thoughts on Shiel, based on last years games, was that he’d be business like and get the job done, adding another dynamic to the group on their way to football credibility. BUT, he’s far exceeded my expectations with the added dynamism, aggression and elite contested work. Gee, his speed and burst from packs is something else again. From being 80% excited about the bloke coming to Essendon, I’m all lid off 110% delirious with what he brings to “my” team. Exciting times ahead…


If you watch that video and concentrate on Zerret, it highlights how much better Zerrets decision making and disposals are than Sheil’s.


Zach is a better kick and can do some fantastic things with the ball when he has his confidence up.

Shiel has physical attributes that allow him to win a contested ball then break away from clearances like I haven’t seen in an Essendon player since vintage M.Long.


Been critical of the recruiting and coaching, but Jackets and co have put together a very complementary squad of mids. Maybe Zaka and McGrath are similar in style - smaller wingers with both inside and goal-kicking ability But, otherwise, Hep, Shiel, Zerret, Lang, Smith, Tippa, Raz, Stringer, Myers are all different… with their weaknesses covered by the strengths of others.

There’s size there (more would be nice), speed, composure, tackling, kicking ability… just need to make sure the guys are in the right spots to make the most of their particular skillset, and don’t get pulled out of shape during the game. Zak, Zerrett, Lang - distributing, Shiel, Hep - extracting, Myers clearing the path (only reason he gets a game), McGrath, Raz and Tip cameoing in the middle, then pushing forward into goal-scoring positions etc.

Greater than the sum of their parts is that midfield… just a little too reliant on Myers for that BB role with Hep having to take up the slack too often.


I think more than anything Shiel is often just moving faster than zerret when he disposes which makes it harder to execute. He rarely gives himself time to balance. Merret on the other hand rarely kicks when going absolutely flat chat, he excels at backing onto a pocket of space to kick and is also very aware of when he has time to balance properly.

I’m pretty comfortable in the improvement we’ve already seen in shiel’s kicking this year and I suspect seeing Merrett kick the eyes out of it will motivate him to improve further. I don’t think Shiel had had any tall kicking howlers just a few he overcooked and missed a target. I can think of maybe one direct turnover against the dees