#9 Dylan Shiel


Yep, moreton anything


DONNINGTON :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can’t kick for ■■■■ but he is such a beautiful mover. Glides.


I don’t know what you are talking about atoll?


He actually usually is a really good kick and was at GWS, that’s why he keeps going for them, just finding his flow again.


So soon the game will be his oyster?
That’ll warm the cockles of my heart.
Or at least that’s what I clam.


The way people go on about his kicking you’d think he’s Dylan Clarke. His kicking isn’t the weapon that Merrett’s is but it’s better than hepp’s. It is not like he’s kicking it to the opposition over and over again.


A lot of players that have break away speed from packs are not the best kicks. Dangerfield, Judd and Swan were only average kicks and had a few bad shanks per game. Ablett and now Kelly are very, very rare in being able to both break away from packs and kick it to a very high standard at the same time.


I’d disagree with Kelly
Seen him do some horrible shanks on multiple occasions
Which I guess reinforces your original point
Sorry just realised you were talking about GWS Kelly - I was talking about Geelong Kelly




It’s time for him to burst out of the centre square, with some snail like Higgins chasing, along with Hall and Polec putting in their customary token chases, cross the 50 and send it straight over the goal umpire’s hat.

Then repeat it 2 qtrs later !


it’s coming

and when it does we’ll all rejoice


Didnt he very nearly do something like that v Bears? He certainly got a poster from a good run against one of the two teams we took care of


Definitely would love him to start kicking a few goals, and the rest of the midfield for that matter.


How many times has he hit the post this year?

He isn’t missing by much.


Hitting the post is too far from a goal.


I can sense a big one coming on Anzac day.


twice against Melbourne.


We’ll be in the top echelon for scoring again without doubt. Whether or not we play finals and heaven forbid have an impact will be largely depended on improving the defensive side of our game. Being top 4 for offence and bottom 8 for defence will likely be enough to see us make finals and get beaten. We need to be top 8 for both as a minimum if we’re going to win a final/s.


Yes, I believe so. (Notwithstanding this is the Shiel thread) It has been noted that some coaches have added uncontested play to their game plan options in a bid to control tempo, reduce opposition scoring opportunities, conserve energy and reduce wear and tear on players bodies. ( Collingwood especially)
We are one of a handful of clubs still going the all out attack path combined with strong contested work. Attempts to add some new defensive strategies seem to have been all but abandoned for now.

However, the core of this team knows how to play the uncontested game, ( remember the endless slow switching in the back half in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons? ) so we can layer that into our game plan and you can see it is till there at times. Its probably best used at the G rather than narrower grounds.