#9 Dylan Shiel


Wow, this bloke de-essingtons us


What an absolute star


He hasn’t taken his game to a new level, this is just how good he is.

For people who don’t watch much footy other than EFC games and overrate our players and underrate opposition players, how he is playing now might be a surprise.

Sure, last season he was off but this is what he was doing a couple of seasons ago when he was All Australian and considered one of the best young mids in the comp.


Super doper woper star


Starting to learn how to kick! Playing unreal!


He adds a new dimension to our midfield.


He is to our midfield what Conor and Saad are to our defence. As soon as he gets the balls he looks to take off and steal 20m of grass.


Just delicious. Thank fark Hawthorn dont have him


I actually don’t disagree. We played about 5 minutes of good footy which really only consisted of a few of our players waxxing the footy.

I think we have been ■■■■.

Shiel on the other hand has been excellent.


Easily the brightest boots on field




Is this bloke serious? Fkn superman.


He is going to kick his first snag as a Don on ANZAC Day and I may not survive.


i’ll be like a diamond in an ice storm when he kicks his first goal.


Massive shiel boner.

What a star


Monster game tonight, close to 900 metres gained. Biggest crowd ever for him Thursday, I’m sure he’ll thrive again


Great pick up!!


This bloke moves in traffic like Judd in his prime. What a star.