#9 Dylan Shiel


Lots of soft barely-spinning kicks today… that hit their targets.


It appears he found one of those gears Smith was talking about… still at least one more gear to go :slight_smile:



I cant believe there were media experts saying previously “he was the best midfielder available but not the type Essendon needed most”.

This bloke is EXACTLY what we’ve needed since we lost the 2001 Grand Final!


Well good chance it might still be biggest crowd he plays in next week.
If mcc turn up.


Yep. He’s the new age Misiti. Only starting to hit his straps.


I’m calling it now, Shiel for the Anzac Day medal




Alright, cut me some slack. I’m still in the post orgasmic glow man.


Also, I’m drunk. So, there’s that.


Wonderful game today, getting better each game.


I wonder how Carlton is feeling.

Who cares, we have him.

fark Carlton



There were times where he flicked the switch and just dominated.

Great to see him hit a lot more targets by foot today going forward.



Fast, isn’t he!
Can’t wait for the goals to come… Hopefully next game.


Misiti was a well engineered and maintained diesel engine. A fkn excellent one.

Shiel doesn’t know what Diesel is.


if he was gay, he’d be in trouble. …

best moving efc player since who knows.


Would be leading our b&f at this early stage and if we continue to win will poll well in the Brownlow.


Just glides over the turf when he drops the hammer. Majestic sight seeing him stream out of the middle. Had a fuktard sitting behind us that just bagged him and how much he cost us all game until I finally snapped and told him he cost less than that reject crab from Port. That shut him up for awhile


Alright, alright. Stuck my neck out. Can I rephrase and say that I can see him doing similar things to the great man?


2 premierships

yes please