#9 Dylan Shiel


is sprinting, can grab a ball thats passed behind him without losing speed?



It’s like watching Judd what a freak


No, it isn’t.


Misiti was slow but was a pure footballer with elite handball and kicking skills. Shiel is explosive like Judd was, with his finishing by foot letting him down a bit (also like Judd).


Though his kicking today was good. Is a very unselfish player. Always looking to pass the ball to the forwards even when he is within his right to have a shot

You can tell he is still getting used to the forwards and how they lead, a few times they have doubled back when he is expecting them to lead at him


ANZAC day what better day to kick your first goal for the club


Probably one of my favourite passages of the night


No Zaharakis or Dev Smith and this guy and Merrett put on a total clinic all game long and basically had their own footy’s.

To have two class on ballers out and totally batter another AFL teams mids is a credit to the players we have rolling through that part of the ground these days.

This guy could win a Charlie he is that good.

The only other mid in the game who could match him for explosiveness is Dangerfield and that is saying something.

Performances like today are why you give up two first rounders for Dylan Shiel. Class above.


His run and carry reminds me a lot of Judd. Similar running action, the explosiveness of his first few steps and the way he runs and carries the pill in both hands in a kicking position. Couldn’t fault his disposal last night.


Imagine if he could kick. Woud be an absolute star.


His kicking was good last night.


For the best part of 2 decades I enviously watched Judd, Ablett, Cousins, Akermanis, Kerr shred teams with run and carry through the middle of the ground. Breaking lines, leaving opposing mid-fielders in their wake, and consistently catching defenders off-balance with their delivery.

Ladies & gentlemen, after the last 2-weeks, I am envious no more.

He. Is. The. Real. Deal.


You realise misiti was glacier slow right?


You know I sat there yesterday wondering if North fans, and previously dees and lions fans were watching Shiel and feeling the same way I would watching those players like judd etc green with envy and jealousy.

I can’t believe we actually now have that type of player playing for us, I didn’t know a midfielder like that could ever represent the club I support after the past 20 years.


Beautiful little nudge by Walla at the end.


Fantastic dual between Treloar and Shiel coming up…

Shiel will be very hungry being his first Anzac in the red n black and was a big reason coming too Essendon. So glad he hit top gear yesterday fully ready for this contest


It’ll be a left foot snap around the body in traffic 20 out

Ooooohhhhh yeah!


Shiel is so good we should retrospectively offer up a 3rd 1st round draft pick just to be fair. We’ll give it to farkcarlton so they can redraft Blank Brokehead.


Yeah, he is really good


Shiel stepping onto the MCG on Anzac day