#9 Dylan Shiel


Absolutely loving him, just want him to kick a ■■■■■■ goal!!


Absolute gun.
Key part of the “Essendon Midfield Dream Team”
All 3 play really well inside and out.


But didn’t we give too much for him?


For years at trade period we’d sit back and put the feet up whilst Hawks, Cats etc strengthened already incredibly good teams.

So happy the club realised something needed to be changed.

We paid up for our current b and f winner and possibly with Shiel have paid up for this years winner of the Crichton.

Good trades and look at the quality of the list now vs risking them on young kids.

Time and a place to draft kids for sure but the list was ready to inject some immediate impact quality in Saad, Stringer, Smith and Shiel.


Dylan is definitely a very good ducker and weaver. We should call him fleetfoot.


Oh no, Dylan’s swallowed the whole bottle!



He’s producing champagne football for us now.

No! Scratch that.

He’s producing champagne and caviar football now.

Yes! Champagne, caviar and private jet flights to Noosa football now.

Fark Carlton!


What a gun. Will only get better as he learns to play with his teammates and builds a synergy with them.


Will the Essendon midfield be talked of one day like the fabulous Brisbane and West Coast midfield of the 2000s?

Just need to get Myers out of there!


Will all the people way back up in this thread who said we overpaid please shut up and accept we paid the right price.


His short kicking is really classy, hits that 30-40m pass nicely, above 40 he can spray them.

He was immense as times yesterday, just put the hammer down and destroyed the opposition.


@CharlieDons more compilations of shiel running past people please.


Was there many?
Serious question as ICBF trawling through the posts


Trying to remember who was adamant about shiel not being worth 2 first round picks.


Pick 8 (ended up 10 IIRC) and if we keep tracking as is 1st as pick 15-18 with a second back isnt overs.

Whilst it would have been nice to get him for unders who cares. He’s easily delivering now

Is a fkn jet.

And we got Smith, Stringer & Saad for that matter for unders based on performances to date so you can’t win them all.


Yeah especially after the first two rounds, they went silly.


That was Dodoro wasn’t it? :joy:




Brought some composure yesterday. He has been a little off with disposal and he slowed his last few steps before disposing. The forwards and others have also looked to alter and improve their leads to him.
It has taken a long time but the mix in the midfield is finally competitive and can be oh so damaging. Midfield aspect of our list is complete.


Most of us are guilty of that occasionally :rofl: