#9 Dylan Shiel


I came across these two quotes from WOB. Love ya mate, your emotions during a game are hilarious. (note these are old quotes, not current ones, just thought it was funny). Klawdy sums you up nicely.


That was Laverde2Langford


I did think he was pretty average the first two. Hes been unreal the last few though. But yeah everyone knows my opinion wildly changes 10 times through a gane, lol


Hey hey hey. Calm down.

We got a 2nd rounder back.

So the throw away comment he cost 2 first round picks is actually false.


I have no idea what I was thinking. I’d had enough cabsav to drop a rhino at the time. Surprised I hit all the right keys.


David King on Crunch Time said the way Shiel runs and moves is like some one controlling him with a remote control lols


Best on ground performance. Took a bit off his kicks, and delivered beautifully. Trys to get a bit cute at times. That burst speed out of the centre is exactly what we needed.


Next skin available on Fortnite will be “Shiel; Destroyer of the North”


I spoke to a depressed North Melbourne supporter at half time at the Locker Room bar. He was on his 3rd meat pie (cause he comfort eats :joy:).

Said that no one on their team could get near Shiel, that he was just killing them at every opportunity. It was pure respect for him.

Also added that “it doesn’t help when you have Brownlow medalist Merrett running riot either”


no its not. way more hair on Dyls head


Looked very relaxed at Werribee today hanging out with girlfriend, their collie dog & Andy McGarth.

Still can’t believe we got him


Anyone know what his Brownlow odds are after yesterday’s performance?

Him motoring away from stoppages all day would have to be noticed by the umps.


I love it that it’s burning Carlton fans.

Shunted his childhood hero in Judd and Carlton to join the enemy lols


He has an amazing running style. Rather than lengthen his stride to increase his speed, he seems to increase the rate of stepping. I watched him on the TV screen and his legs were just a blur: not like legs but like wheels.



Is it my imagination that Shiel is playing 2 or 3kgs lighter in 2019 ? - And he’s covering the ground better than in 2018.


Nah mate, blacks a thinning colour.


Shiel has been enormous in basically all 3 of our wins - and he’s still finding his feet IMO. He is doing things that the Essendon midfield just isn’t use too or haven’t seen for a very long time. All the little things he does - hand balls to space, overlap running, weighted kicks etc - have been huge. He has undoubtedly lifted our midfield standard and he will only get better. Crikey.


Imagine if he did both!!!


I FARKING love this place when we win!