#9 Dylan Shiel


Yes I know, I know, not aloud to say good things about myers here. He is still ahead of Langford and Clark too…


That’s not to which I was referring. Read the bolded bit carefully, sans context.


Lol, u dirty ■■■■■■■. My fault for posting with my exellent spelling and English skills I know.


Yeah, I’m with you on this one. Zerrett is less flashy, but far more efficient.

Gosh it’s wonderful though to be discussing “which of our jet midfielders is the Jettiest?”

Shiel has most certainly complimented our midfield structure perfectly, though. We are a team known for our line-breaking pace, but that pace has been confined to the half back and half forward lines. Now, we have that pace in the guts, too.

And Zaharakis will never be tagged again.


Would love to know what his stats were from halfway through the second quarter. Went completely bananas out of the middle.

Genuinely fun to watch. The disposal efficiency crap is nonsense, even if he doesn’t hit it lace out he often puts it advantage side.


Until we play Carlton and their “Tag everyone” tactic.






Ok went and watched the last part of that second quarter again because on first watch it was downright ridiculous what he did.

After McGrath’s snap goal there was 5:19 to go in the last quarter and scores were 19 to 36. From there;

3 clearances
4 inside 50’s
3 goal assists
11 touches
and 2x rested on the bench

De-■■■■■■■-stroyed them


trying to remember the last time we had someone just dominate a 5 minute spell with such authority.


Dylan Shiel vs The Tin Rattlers




Just watch: at some crucial stage this year, the maggots will pay a free against that, calling it a throw.


That is a ridiculous set of highlights for a single match. I watched the game but seeing the plays in quick succession. Just WOW!


There’s a point in the video where you think “This is one hell of an impressive highlights package,” and then you realise it’s still the 2nd quarter.


A lot of players would wish their career highlights package was that good. Let alone for a single game.

Imagine if he got his kicking to be elite!!!


During half time kick to kick with bltn Jnr at the VFL Game yesterday, an errant kick by said Jnr almost hit Dylan.
I took the opportunity to look the great man in the eyes as he was only metres away, and said “well played yesterday Dyl”.
He replied with “thanks mate”.

Players we saw were very relaxed (Dev, Pidge, Fanta, Hurls).


Nailed it.


Just out of interest… were you wearing a white t-shirt, and had a daughter there as well?


Nah, black singlet.
We were kicking the yellow Sherrin.

Pretty sure I brushed passed @theDJR who surprisingly was not holding a cup of hot chips.