A beautiful Friend in need

Wow this is a hard one, this girl was my partner when looking after my Dad with cancer, we broke up and paid her out money that was fair.

So long story short she hooked up with a guy and got pregnant, realised he was the wrong when he said abort, her mother died, and decided to go alone.

I was always friends with her all along, so 7 months into pregnancy she was told she has to move, so a big move and she is setting up to have her baby.

Last Wednesday night, persons broke in and stole nearly everything, she woke from a deep sleep and saw a guy with a hoody in the hallway and and said what the ■■■■ are you doing, he ran luckily.

She lost all her things, I went around before work and dropped of a TV an iPad, the poor girl is devastated because she didn’t have insurance.

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