A film about the bombers

I’d watch a culinary tour of footy stadiums hosted by @theDJR with a particular emphasis on tasting and rating hot chips.


Who said anything about manhood??

You’re a filthy man BSD.


Best thing is DJR reading your post


Be a prick to ride the pushie to Cairns and Alice.


We may have a long time, oh wait there would be no games, we could sponsor @theDJR to ride to all the grounds, oh wait breaking boundaries

Why would it start with the 80 GF when Sheeds retired in 79? He spent 1980 on the World of Sport footy panel.

(May have been a part time assistant coach at Richmond in 1980.)

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None of the LIKEs for you.

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The Neale Daniher Story. Courage, Skill, Family, Heartbreak, Selflessness. Has everything. A real tearjerker though.


Surely a Marvel Universe instalment - Teflon Man, the Dodoro story.

I would have it as a courtroom drama about the unfair persecution of those wanting to exercise their right to smoke shisha at Windy Hill.


Bryan Brown to play Terry Daniher

can we stop it at 2004?

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Quentin Tarantino to direct.

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I want a three part movie now;

Sheedy : A New Sheedy 1947 - 1978

Sheedy: The Sheedy Strikes Back 1980- 2001

Sheedy: Return of the AFL 2001 -2007

Sheedy 2: Sheedy-lectric Boogaloo
Sheedy 3: Tokyo Drift
Sheedy 4: Even Sheedier
Sheedy 5: The Sheedening


*sigh *, … thread started out with such promise. :frowning:

I thank you for your sole contribution to it.


This image will haunt my dreams.

Do you remember the famous interview on WoS where he took apart the Essendon deputy* coach after a big defeat? (*Barry Davis famously never deigned to turn up to WoS to give EFC fans any info in those days when people could really only otherwise find “learnings” in the papers).

There was always a lot of background noise on WoS as people treated it a bit like a “pleasant Sunday morning” (do they still have them these days??).

When it became obvious that Sheeds was not asking the usual crap questions, but an incisive examination of Barry Davis and his coaching team’s strategy from selection to planning to responding onfield to changing gameday situations, the whole studio went quiet and you could feel the tension.

THAT was the moment Sheeds established that he would become the next coach of Essendon, where he would deliver four flags and transform forever the way the game was played and managed.


You could probably do a movie about John Coleman. It would be equal parts triumph and tragedy, given how both his playing career and life ended well short of what it should have.

But, a Sheeds movie would be a no-brainer. Kurt Russell would play Sheeds. I remember him playing Herb Brooks, the famous US Hockey Coach in the Miracle movie, and I see some similarities in how Coach Brooks and Sheeds went about it. Brad Pitt plays Hirdy, Robert Redford is Timmy Watson, Eddie Murphy can play Longy.