A Joe-less Forward Line for 2020. Who? How? Additions?

Also can give Bellchambers a spell there to Ease draper in if we get a tall injury.

I just hope the media write us off all pre season, perhaps that will help rather than getting the hype we have had the last few seasons.

We do well as the under dog


How long until we can draft alwyn davey’s kids to fill the chf / ff void?

Can they just do a Tim Watson and have them both play round 1

Could of given them some games this year :upside_down_face:

Keep Joe. Keep Fanta. Add 3 goals per week to our scoring power. Win a freakin final.


You think we’re turning on joe? Wait til we have to watch Ben browns run up. Especially if he misses the goal.


No changes for mine

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between the ones they kick and one’s they create its 3 goals each.

Let’s plonk McKenna in the forward line and let him do whatever he wants.

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not a top 4 forward line sorry

If Raz goes i’d hunt Martin and pry him out of Carltons hands with a big old GAGF laugh on the way out the door.

If Raz goes before Joe, i’d take go for pick 5 and Papley in the potential Sydney trade.

If neither of these things eventuate - Hooker forward with Smack.

Ideal scenario?

HF: Laverde Daniher Tippa
F: Fantasia Cameron Stringer

Twilight zone scenario

HF: 188cm version of Tippa | Daniher | Tippa
F: Fantasia| 198cm version of Stringer | Stringer

In your ideal scenario you have Laverde in the best forward line?


If he can get back to his 10 to 1 accuracy of his opening stanza, … my fkn oath you would.

I don’t reckon you people understand the meaning of “ideal scenario”

It was either Laverde or Stewart.

I personally think Laverde is pretty handy and is one of those guys that has all the tools to become a damaging player - seems like he just needs to be given a defined role that encompasses multiple responsibilities and goals. In a functioning forward line were he can play high up and rotate through the midfield whilst interchanging with playing as a deep leading forward, i could see him excelling. Plus, i feel like we have a real issue with being able to gain possession of the ball around the half forward mark and we have for a long time. When we had Stewart and Daniher up and running, much less of an issue, and it seems our forward line woes significantly ceased. Having someone of Laverdes size and playing style could contribute to solving that? although, i would imagine the rotating personal and playing structure we employ contributes a large factor of why we have such glaring deficiencies with our ball movement going forward and overall output of the forward line.

Having said that, i have no idea what goes on behind closed doors with Laverde and the coaching group and wether or not he can tell the difference between his ■■■■ and his elbow.

But, he’s one of the first people that come to mind when i construct our forward line. There’s not many other full time half forward flankers kicking down the door, i guess.

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What would be your ideal scenario?

We keep Joe and Raz. Get Martin from GC. Mozzie for depth, but draft another small forward as well

FF: Walla. Joe. Stringer
HF: Fanta. Smack. Martin

I’ll meet you in the middle

FF: Wallaa | Daniher | Fanta
HF: Fanta | Cameron| Martin

Laverde as depth.

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