A-League 2018/2019

Might as well put this here:

Can a Victory supporter tell me what has happened to Christian Theoharous? And why? He was looking like being the next big thing in a game against Athletico Madrid? in Geelong not too long ago, now he is cut from the Victory roster and there is no club that he has moved to in brackets.

Also I think the outs for City are much bigger than the ins. Bruce Kamau gone after he had a ripper start to the last season.

Its going around on the net that Fernando Torres is signed with Sydney FC

One of my favourite players when he started with Liverpool…was a gun…should be a gun at this level even at 34

Was put to rest today heading to MLS unfortunately! Would have been awesome if he was here in Sydney, even though i follow the WSW.


Theoharous went to Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany.

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I’m still in shock from last season. We had no right winning that championship:D

so far our squad looks rubbish. Hope we can get a decent marquee for once. With Arzani almost a certainty to leave we look really light on for attackers

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Going full WOB on this - I’m done with the A-League. The decision to not include Tasmania in the shortlist of expansion clubs is the final straw. Everyone knows how far up their ■■■ the FFA has their heads, but this decision confirms for me that that might very well be literal. Idiots.


FFA are just as corrupt as the AFL, just not as smart or organised.


They wish they were. They’re just plain stupid.

They had to bring in Deloitte to look at the bids because they have absolutely no idea themselves of what people might go for.

We should get Wollongong and Canberra
We will get Southern Sydney and Dandenong

It’s so stupid. They see themselves as being on level pegging as NRL and expect crowd numbers to be the same so they focus narrowly on population statistics and assume that they’ll turn X % of residents by sheer virtue of existing. Around eight minutes of brainstorming would unveil that Victory’s crowd numbers (result of live event popularity in the city and favourable PT/stadium infrastructure) and WSW initial success (due to existing popularity of the sport itself and not just population) were significant outliers. They should be asking themselves “where can we get 10k folk attending games without having to spend much and cannibalising existing supporter bases”? Astoundingly obvious answer - Wollongong. Less astoundingly - Canberra. Also obvious - Tasmania (where there is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPETITION FOR THE AUDIENCE AT ALL)

I work in sport development. Anyone who has spent half an hour working in this industry knows this and will preach it to whoever will listen. FFA seem to be immune to the human experience.

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Do Tasmanians give a crap about any football but Aussie Rules?

Could be another GWS or Gold Coast…where you’re using the “build it and they will come” approach.

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Yeah valid point.

12,000 active players among a very parochial population jack of being cast aside by the AFL might be enough to launch from.

-edit- The Tassie bid had backing from all three levels of government and an existing venue (North Hobart Oval), while most other bids had only local government support and some had no stadium yet.

Gallop is not the person to run this organisation. You could see what he did with the NRL, only looked after the spiritual home, refused to expand. The A league needs a team in tassie, but they are too thick to see it

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Peter crouch being targeted by FFA to be a marquee signing for the A league. Latest transfer rumours

Obv Sydney and Victory being the front runners

Fixture release tomorrow

Got the derby first up apparently. If it’s in the middle of the AFL finals it wouldn’t surprise me

Think its late October. They’re trying to avoid that.