A-League 2018/2019

FFA round of 32 starts end of the Month.

Standard Perth away for MV

Adelaide away on a ■■■■■■■ Wednesday. Well done FFA well ■■■■■■■ done

Ugh, the derby is better when each team has had a few games to get into the season.

Still don’t think the league will ever properly grow until all the games are on Free To Air

Leroy George has left Melbourne Victory due to a contract dispute. A couple of other a league clubs in the frame. As a victory supporter the squad is getting very very thin. Berisha, Williams, George all gone

The postive is that that is alot of cap space to play with

Yea spot on, hopefully we can bring some quality in cos we’re going to need it

One thing about Victory is we do that. Lose Milligan get Antonis for example.

Not only cap space but also marquee with Bes leaving. ■■■■ Peter Crouch off though

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Usian Bolt (yes, really) trialing at CCM.

Peak A League right there

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4 away days booked in. SFC, Adelaide, WSW and the annual work in a weekend away in gosford with mrs scotty when mv is there

No different than Irish lads or Yanks with no experience playing AFL.
Bolt has played soccer as a kid and did some trials with Borussia Dortmund

Ccm have fergies old rhm phelan.

This would be huge for Victory if they can pull it off.

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*Peak Mariners

They’re on a level of their own when it comes to sht like this

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Like Ron Clarke, the champion athlete, who was too slow to play at Essendon seniors late 50s early 60s.

This tweet by Liam Boland (plays in the NPL) is exactly why i hate the Usian Bolt side show

Check out @lbols38’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/lbols38/status/1019139886228516864?s=09

It will sell some tickets.

Those fans will not hang around afterwards though (refer to archived files Del Piero, A; Villa, D; Keane, R; Romario; Yorke, D; Heskey, E; et al)