A-League 2018/2019


Usain Bolt just scored a brace in a friendly


one of those goals the defender should’ve got credited it.


Any predictions for A-League expansion teams? (May be delayed by an extra season by the FFA board argy-bargy.) Personally, I think they should announce the first two teams to come in and then another two provisional licences for a year or two later, so we can get to a 14 team league.

You would think it would be one team each from Melbourne/Sydney, but I’m not so sure now, as Sydney FC opposed Southern Expansion and WSW opposed Macarthur-SWS. Who knowsis the FFA take that into consideration?

My predictions are:

  • “Team 11” (Dandenong)
  • Canberra

But what would I know?


Don’t all answer at once.


I’d answer but the GAF-meter is down in the red zone, near zero.


Dandenong or close by would probably be a good chance and I think Canberra would be a brave but astute choice.


its hard to know, i don’t think Melbourne or Sydney need another team. Qld have shown they can’t sustain one team.

Personally i would give a team to Canberra and Tasmania (no idea if tasmania has put a proposal together)


Canberra and Wollongong 100%


Tasmania had a bid, but they went out after the first stage.


Tassie would be a brave but interesting call, I think it would be a bit of a test case for the AFL.


Not too worried about the new teams just yet as FFA has pretty much given the green light for div 2 in a couple of years time. I know a couple of blokes high up at Adelaide City who are my club and they were given a handshake agreement that they would be admitted to div 2 straight away and were advised to save the money and not bid on an expansion spot.


Prediction time

Premiers: MV
Champions: MV
Golden boot: Bruno and La Fondre tie
Biggest Climber: Perth
Biggest Faller: Newcastle
JW Medal: Honda


Horrible bias opinion that we will do the double. The signings we’ve made more than cover what we’ve lost.

Perth have recruited brilliantly in the offseason on and off the pitch. CCM will be better with the likes of McCormack, City will be there abouts, SFC will be a challanger, AU, BR and WSW will be to inconsistent to challange seriously, Newy i cant see putting together another run like last year and Wellington will be ■■■■ carlton level bad which means MV will lose to them again


Should be: Canberra and Wollongong
Really should have been: Canberra and Tasmania
Will be: Southern Sydney and Dandenong


ASADA show up to test Usain Bolt. Totally at random you know.

I swear if anyone ever wanted to make a 30 Rock/Frontline-esque take on a sporting organisation, they just need to read up on the A-League for at least four seasons of inspiration.


Hard to argue with most of this, as I agree with nearly all of it but I will. I think City will struggle perhaps drop a bit,


Opening night


Keen @Aceman?


Don’t get home until next Sunday


Well there goes that then.

Im off to the derby. We better not lose to these pelicans!


Going a day early?


McLovin’s always had that problem.