A-League 2018/2019


I told you that in confidence


By which i mean i am going tomorrow nigjt3


Yeah…and you should have been confident that I’d broadcast it all over the place.


1-0 at HT to AU.

Galloway with an absolute peach



Oh my im stiff




Just about to burn down this stadium.

■■■■ off Fornaroli you cheating peice of donkey ■■■■


Ridiculous. Haven’t seen bozza so fired up.


WHat a joke, get a bullshit penalty and basically get one chance for the game on the counter and score. This as close to a grandfinal as city will get. Pissant club


The ref watched the replay and still thought he didn’t dive


It was soft but there were two things a shirt pull/arm pull and a stupid push that he eventually went down from. The fact that they both happened just inside the box made it a penalty. Troisi went down just before it and there was barely anything in that one either.

Fornaroli is a gun. I was thinking when he was taking 5 opponents and still getting the ball past them to a team mate that an all-star A-League side with Honda and others would be a pretty handy side.

The after match interview with Troisi showed he had NFI he claimed Fornaroli threw his leg out and got the call, I still don’t think he ever did that.

On the VAR, I wold love to know what the guys in the bunker were saying to the ref.


Tonight was sweeeeeet

Our first half was very average, second half top stuff. Loved the build up and the finish to McGree’s goal. Eugene was very good tonight, especially at the end.

As for the VAR…fantastic😂

Bruno was outstanding tonight, his holdup play alone was phenomenal

Top top night


why didn’t chris scott, I mean kevin muscat go on and on in the grand final? oh that’s right.

Victory need about 10 more of those to go against em to make up for that farce to win them the “title”. An asterix just has to be placed on that for the rest of time.


VAR was the whole problem when it wasn’t even working for that offside last year.

VAR did what it was supposed to last night. The Ref’s call was the questionable part of the penalty.


Obviously Victory fans thought the VAR decision was a disgrace. Just as obvious was most Heart/City fans think it was a correct call.

Not as obvious was the neutral or impartial viewers opinion. Surprisingly everything I’ve heard, read or seen has been very much anti the decision in fact most think it was one of the worst decisions since the VAR was introduced. I thought a lot of anti Victory spectators would have backed the decision.


Any bad call against Victory is A-OK by me. I didn’t see much wrong with it.

There was a very, very late offside call against a CCM goal that I thought iffy. And then the ref paid a stupid penalty against them, which he reversed.


I agree that the neutrals seem very much in the camp of it being a bad call. I too would have thought they would be all for it.

Honestly it was soft, but I think the contact was in the box, the push that I thought I saw that led to Fornaroli going to ground may not have been there or was lighter than I first thought.

As much as anything I just think it was dumb defending as I am not sure Fornaroli was going anywhere and the defenders probably would have/could have covered any cross or shot he may have taken.

However if all incidents like this get VAR’ed then the games are probably going to last a looooooooooooooooong time. And it would be some sort of precedent to have to pay any that were like it…Or they draw a line in the sand and say we don’t want these calls (ie soft but there in the opinion of the officials) and refuse to pay them.


What’s disturbing was that ■■■■■■■■ actually looked at the VAR and still thought it was a foul. In this case, the VAR worked fine, it was the ■■■■■■■ ginger that ■■■■■■ it up. It’s not VARs fault the bloodnut couldn’t use his ■■■■■■■ brain.



var is officially farked.


That was the worst of the bunch. Should kill VAR