A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I had a similar job situation where the radio dial was superglued to Triple ■■■■■■■ J all ■■■■■■■ day. It was an actual form of torture. Still recovering.


Luckily, I always worked in places where the radio was never played loud. Earphones are only, and even that was frowned on.


I would notice.

However, if you were to disappear…


And that’s the way it should be. After the Jon ■■■■■■■ Butler experience, never would I advocate the use of audible music in a workplace…


I have a friend who is adamant that Beyoncé doesn’t use ‘effects’ on her voice, and blah blah, when I question her musical tastes. Which is supposed to prove what anyway? The system truly works. It makes me sad.

Edit: your John Butler experience is actually quite close to a Ben Lee experience I had, but I don’t really want to relate it.

This is the ‘Who really gives you the utter ■■■■■?’ thread isn’t it? James Brayshaw, Ben Lee - about on the same level.


Glad I came in here, so many ideas for the DJ thread.


You play that fkn Butler hippie, I swear I will hunt you down…


JBT are amazing live and other wise. You could only dream of having his talent.


Not a fan of his nine minute early tracks, but Something’s Gotta Give goes alright.



l am another who would notice his absence.


I like BLTs.


I listened to The Rumour File during the Saga: it demonstrated very clearly that 1) Ross and his producers very likely know nothing and 2) they don’t care and will put anything to air.

Which I guess makes Eddie a little bit more evil than Ross…


Crickey this AD bloke is more slippery than a bucket of used KY.


I will join you.


Both Austereo.
Same news, same buildings, swap and share producers, I reckon they’d have exactly the same length playlist.


Hahaha I’m the exact opposite. I love his stuff where he’s just thrashing the guitar, every time he opens his mouth to sign he turns into every other hippie.


Anyone watch the new Footy Show last night? I didn’t mind it.


They’re right up there with The Age, 3AW, Triple M and FC for mine.
It’s ■■■■ blokeiness was tiresome anway, but after the saga…never again.
Don’t care what they’ve changed.
They can die in a fire.


It was on at my Grandads whilst we were visiting.

My impression was that they’ve tried to make a footy show for people who didn’t like the footy show.

To me it felt like a chat show with footy guests. Chat shows don’t do well at all anymore on Australian TV so being a chat show with on a specific topic would be even harder to attract viewers.

Plus a show that is pretty much the same (but funnier) is on at the same time.

I’m not a big fan of any of the host/presenters (don’t understand why people like Fev) so there is no real reason to watch at a time now where you watch pretty much anything you want

Just bland television.