A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


With 6/9 games completed, the perfrormance of the so called experts in tipping the winners of games
has been abysmal.

So far in 6 games the consensus among them has 1 ( Spooners vs minor premiers ) correct.
The rest; 5/6 wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

These are the guys who watch almost all the games, analyse all the games, analyse the stats, analyse the changes to lists, and of course that most informative of indicators the JLT form.

Then they factor in such well known indicators.
Home ground advantage … Dit Dah
Last years ladder position … Dit Dah.
The aggregated models in Squiggle Dit Dah.
Champion Data. Dit Dah

One would be forgiven for thinking they make it up as they go along!


I think it also reflects the AFL commentariat bubble effect.
There’s probably an academic case study lurking here as an extreme example of contemporary communication only taking place within a reinforcement bubble.
Another example is bound to be their tips for the final eight. The commentariat all acknowledge that this changes significantly each year, with almost invariably at least one major surprise packet.
So did any of them actually risk a wildcard pick?
(I don’t count Essendon as a ‘wildcard’ pick)
Some Adelaide & a few Port - both teams who dropped out last year.

You bet your sweet bippy they didn’t.
Or to put it another way;
Lesser minds think alike.


I remember a call back caller the day after the cocaine excuse came rang KB in the morning.

Suss sounding fully sick gentleman “why would any cut Clenbuterol with cocaine? The street value of Clenbuterol is 4 times that of what cocaine is.”
KB “I’m good thanks”


I like KB.


I will use that one in future, if you don’t mind !


What did Eddie say about the coin toss?


What did Eddie say this time? He just apologised


He said people who muck up the coin toss should be fined $1000. They’ve had all week to practice. He was kidding.

Then found out the girl who tossed the coin tonight had a disability, hence an ordinary toss.




How this fucktard is still on any Live to air broadcast is beyond me.


Didn’t see it but sounds like an innocent mistake to me.

Eddie is a flog but let’s not get too politically correct.


While I agree he didn’t mean to be disrespectful of the person who tossed the coin, he has a bad habit of doing this on a regular basis. Someone needs to tell him to stop trying to be funny and just keep it simple.


Yeah, let’s e erybody be perfect all the time.

Is it really a big deal?


It’s not about everybody being perfect, it’s about common decency.

It’s not a big deal if you can’t toss a coin properly is it ?

Eddie needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut.

Edit: An apology was required an a apology was given.


I didn’t see it so not sure if the context but surely the world hasn’t changed so much that you can’t joke around anymore?

Australians were once considered larrikins.

Now we are a bunch of shallow, boring snobs.


Sadly, the world has changed.

He clearly did not know who was tossing the coin and if he had have known, I doubt he would have made a joke of it.

As said, it required an apology and an apology was given. However, he is a ■■■■ so I hope he cops it for the whole weekend and beyond.


Unfortunately the world is changing fast.

Everyone is on trial all the time.


I haven’t seen or heard it either, but saying fine people for not tossing the coin correctly is just dumb.

He didn’t know she had a disability, fair enough, he apologised, so he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut or inform himself a lot more.

People with disabilities cop enough as it is.


It was a joke, tongue in cheek sort of comment.