A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I doubt he would have said knowing she had a disability.

He apologised which is the right thing to do so hopefully they let it go.

I can see this being blown all out of proportion though.


Yep, was good he apologised.

Agree hope it doesn’t get blown out of proportion.


It has gone passed that stage already.

It was a simple tongue in cheek joke, he didn’t know she was disabled.


Too many, too often wanting to be offended and outraged at absolutely everything.


Which actually meant you’d just as readily take the ■■■■ out of yourself as others.
An even handed, equal opportunity ■■■■ taking.

The only times Eddie takes the ■■■■ out of himself is when he’s urinating.
And even then I wouldn’t put it past him to pay some airtasker to hold his ■■■■ while he did it.


The only tv I watch is the football so I don’t really have much to say about Eddie. I know a lot don’t like him though.

Could be tall poppy syndrome which Australians have always been pretty good at.

I’m sure he’s not nearly as bad a person as you would like to believe.

Generally people in his position do lots of charity work and give far more of their time than the average person would.


Tis the season to be outraged.


Sure is unfortunately.

Give people a voice and they will find something to be outraged about.


Just like the last 4 or 5 times he’s had innocent mistakes mocking indigenous, women and homosexuals?


Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris did a lot of charity work too.
Beware of generalisations.

PS I’ve known a few amazing philanthropists, and oddly they prefer to work anonymously, not in front of the cameras.


It’s not like he’s an experienced media personality that would have the insight to check something like that before making the joke.


So you think he was aware of it?


I think most people, in most normal walks of life, have to learn from their mistakes.
Eddie is immune to that.


You really dislike him comparing him to those guys.


Yeah humans are great at learning from their mistakes.


If you give them a chance.

A good, professional presenter would know who was doing the toss. And wouldn’t shoot a cheap potshot gag, at an anonymous person off camera. (“He didn’t know?” So what?)

And if we keep letting him be lazy and cheap, under the guise of he’ll continue being lazy and cheap.

But rest assured, some poor producer got absolutely blasted for not saving him from himself.


Yet he continues to be on television…

Better yet you guys continue to watch him…


Hey Hey ran for 25 years of “kamahl is black” goodness.

What are ya gunna do?


i neither dislike or like him, he has good and bad traits like anyone, and i agree with both sides a lil on this. yes a bit of tall poppy syndrome, yes it’s a little bit tasteless.

the thing about pc though is you can be morally outraged at anyone for anything and pretend that you’re in the right.

case in point, you could just as easily get stuck into the people getting stuck into mcguire with the line of thought, don’t you people think disabled people can possibly toss a coin right ? or like a “normal” person can ?
maybe she just had one bad one and you lot think that cos she’s disabled that’s all she’s able to produce ?


People keep on telling me political correctness has gone too far. Those same people say a heap of offensive stuff all the time and continue to do so.