A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


The broadcaster and Eddie are both idiots for not having him informed who is doing the toss so that he can comment sincerely on it.


Take it the POTYS thread.

Maybe the mass population just doesn’t give a Fark.


Yep. It’s a big moment for the person doing it, one of the people who support the ‘people’s game’ and drop their hard earned on what is becoming a rich ■■■■■ circus, and what does one of the biggest rich ■■■■■ in the game do? Makes fun of her in order to make his mates laugh and show what a wit he is. He’s got form as a carnt, he should get called out for it every time. Not PC, and no ‘sadly the world is changing’ nonsense. Carnts are getting called out. Good.


Mate I agree with you. We are allowed to make jokes about white middle aged men, but if the subject matter has a little too much tan, red hair, disabled, female, transgender, gay and others, then you want to be steering clear. This group has no sense of humour.

Eddie on the other hand is an idiot (who I don’t mind) who has not learned from his mistimed and outright wrong attempts at humour in the past.


I don’t disagree with Eddie being a flog but I don’t watch tv or read newspapers so I fortunately can avoid it.

This incident in isolation has the makings of a beat up.


Let’s all agree on this: he’s just an ignorant cxnt.

Why criticize the person for a bad coin toss disabled or not. He’s a ■■■■■■■■.


Would love him as president of our club.

Maybe the saga goes away :blush:


Spot on.
Given his history of speaking before thinking, you’d have thought the producer would have let him know about the guest’s circumstances beforehand. After all, it’s not like they get there five minutes before the broadcast starts.


Exactly - you should be free to tell any jokes you like. Everyone else can only react in a way you approve.


Haven’t heard too many jokes about white middle aged men. I’ve heard a lot of them being racist and sexist arseholes though.




You can be on Michael Long’s side of history, or Alan McAlister’s

Choose wisely.


Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he did.


Yeah, everyone calm down. Just like how Eddie wouldn’t have made that joke about Adam Goodes if he only knew Goodes was black…


I didn’t compare Eddie to them
Just making a point that charity work per se doesn’t make someone a good person.


People are still defending McGuire? Are you joking?

How many faux pas does one man get before you can’t just blame it on a ‘slip of the tongue’ or a misunderstanding?


Anyone remember this toin coss…

I recall the comments made on this forum back then were as bad if not worse than Eddie’s.
For memory there was a joke that Marilyn Manson turned up to the toss.
I even remember the Front Bar or one of the footy shows making fun of it.
No one was called out on it though.

I didn’t see the toss so I’m unsure if it was noticeable the ■■■■■■ was disabled.
I think Eddie should just keep the ‘blokey’ jokes out of his football hosting and just focus on talking footy and calling the game. He could get away with it if the show was light hearted (like the Footy Show or Front Bar) but 10 minutes before the bounce of the footy footy isn’t the time or the place for it.


Eddie is a ■■■■■■



Certainly wouldn’t hear much from Sarah