A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


She was out there with a walking stick and he had no idea?


The walking stick’s a fair giveaway


She had a walking stick?

I retract everything I said.

He’s an arseclown if the highest order.

What a farkwit!


So Eddie reckons Australians are not good tossers.
I disagree


A double amputee who lost her legs in a plane crash while working, several other injuries, nearly lost her life, went on to gain high level tertiary qualifications.
He could have cast his words as a triumph of the human spirit over adversity ( which was what the Swans intended ) but no, he had to snigger at her coin tossing.


eddie is a turd. The more he opens his mouth the more Turdish he gets


Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how does one see the coin toss without seeing the person tossing it?


You’re saying that Eddie should’ve researched the background of the coin ■■■■■■ before the game?


Also demonstrates his values - no matter what else you achieve in life, should get a fine for the way she tosses a coin.


“Looked at” is the term you’re looking for.

He should have “looked at” the woman before having a go at her.


If he witnessed the coin toss, I gather he did “look at” the woman. And maybe he didn’t notice her disability from 150m away.


This is proof people really will argue the toss of a coin.


But he noticed an ineffective coin toss from 150m away?

I had a look at the toss a few minutes ago.
Couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

The man is a goose.
He’s Darryl Somers. Decent MC.
Not funny.


This thread is crazy!

Man says bad thing. Fair enough, give him the benefit of the doubt, I think that’s perfectly fine.

Many says another bad thing. Ok, should have done better, but you know what, benefit of the doubt. I can live with that.

Many says another bad thing. Really starting to be a bit dodgy here, but you know what, benefit of the doubt. Last warning.

Many says bad things every year for like 15 years straight?

At what point would some of you stop giving him the benefit of the doubt? When you say bad things all the time for two decades the far more logical conclusion is that the dude is just a piece of sh/t, surely?


He saw a coin - but not a walking stick?

Interesting take.


It’s a fair catalogue of gaffes that Ed has built up over the years. Normally the commentators get prompted about who is tossing the coin if it’s someone of significance, in this case he probably should’ve got word on it. However he should’ve noticed her disability and held fire on that comment. Mind you some of the people who do toss the coin pre-game don’t have a clue how to get it to spin correctly…


This guy suffers from annual foot in mouth disease. he thinks hes a comedian but in reality hes just another tony jones - smart ■■■■■ of the highest order.

He should have learnt by now, but he doesn’t either by choice or hes dumber than he thinks.

It’s just a fkg coin toss FFS, whats the big deal?

He’s now spoiled the moment for the lady it was a special tribute for her. Maybe he should get Sarah the saga mum to toss the coin - fkg moron.


She has lost her legs. She was hobbling on sticks. How could he not notice?


I’m surprised that he didn’t defend himself by saying he was just following the money.


Do people really give a toss on how it’s done ?