A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I’ve heard Sarah is going to lodge a formal complaint


Eddie has been taken off-air


I see what you did there…:wink:


LOL, get farked Eddie :rofl:


I reckon I’m in the minority here but Eddie made banter about someone who made a ■■■■ coin toss. Would have made the comment regardless if she was disabled or not. Yes he’s got history but I think in this case criticism is unwarranted.


i actually think hes a great commentator, but as a person he is a gigantic pr*ck. so while i think this is a bit of an overreaction, i could not care less. he can go fark himself. he can go hang out with Sarah in his time off…


100% agree about enjoying Eddie getting some well deserved comeuppance.


Interesting conversation this morning on the SEN Saturday morning post/pre game panel discussion. In between discussing last night’s game and today’s, the conversation drifted to the Liam Ryan incident from last week and the Richmond and West Coast response. Whilst all applauding the strong actions of all involved, the conversation broadened to include vilification and abuse generally and the need for it to be stamped out of football. Interestingly, no one brought up McGuire’s latest gaffe or any of his other highlights. I get that most of them work work with McGuire but I found it odd that they were drawing a distinction between vilification on social media and vilification via conventional media by excluding it from the conversation. Almost as if if they do it, it’s ok but if the unwashed do it…


Is Eddie still on the advisory board of Evans and Partners?


Surely Eddie McGuire didnt know the lady tossing the coin was disabled?

I mean if she wasnt disabled, I can see his attempt at humour. We have all struggled to get a coin toss right at some point or another.

But yer if he did know… Inappropriate and a total ■■■■■■■■ thing to say.


I assume this is still the catch-all thread for footy media.

Just had the replay of Fox Footy’s Up The Guts on the telly. I’m not one for hyperbole, but this show is the worst thing that has ever happened to Australian rules football. Possibly Australia itself.


Yeah, but what changes? In a month it will be something else. He’s the epitome of a teflon entitled bogan wanker.


Was that the one with Bob Murphy on it?



I love the two Kate’s.


What about his sycophantic mates on the commentary team who sniggered at his comments?


Great that he stepped aside from broadcast duties… but for how long?
Now, if he stepped aside forever I would be very happy. ■■■■ caller, ■■■■ person.


What about if he stepped in front of a bus?


The bus would be badly damaged.


Yeah. I wouldn’t wish that on any Bus I know.