A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


The thing that ■■■■■ me most about commentators these days is theblatant disregard for research. They’d have people behind the scenes feeding them background info and they and they still have no clue at all. It’s a disgrace


Yep excellent point. The truly great commentators are meticulous about their research, because they never know when that extra knowledge will add value or insight to a call.

It’s little known that Bruce MacAvaney hires a full time researcher who works exclusively for him. He’s not employed by 7, Bruce pays for him himself. At times in his career he’s even had two of them going (pre Olympics etc etc). Now Bruce’s calling has deteriorated recently but employing someone off your own bat shows a real commitment to the craft.


Although he appears to have lost some weight. Or my eyes are rooted.


(Sorry talking about two different people here)

Your eyes are rooted.


Man, I like the guy as a footy commentator/mind but Mick McGuane has gone total Alan Patridge on Toblerones. I guess we all have our inherited metabolism(s). Good luck to him. I’m actually not trying to make fun of him, but I haven’t seen a pic of him for years.


Yeah he’s definitely pulled the rip cord. He coaches Keilor in the Essendon Footy League, good guy, does a lot for grassroots footy. Probably should be in AFL land as an assistant…


He MC’d a talk last night with Hirdy and Fletch. Really insightful MC, knew when to talk and when to shut up. Funny guy too.


Not wrong. Looks like he’s eaten Mick McGuane.

Funny, he sounds like he should be involved in the AFL but isn’t. Makes you wonder what is/has held him him back?


The types of people he’s gotten involved with off the field. Not sure if it is the case presently, but certainly in the past. BIG punter, so you can imagine the types he was liaising with…


I see.

That type of activity is problematic.


About a decade ago when he was at Balwyn, his management contacted my local club to see if they’d be keen on his services for the following season. Couldn’t believe it!! When they asked what he wanted money wise it ended the discussion there and then. We didn’t even spend that much on the whole playing list!! Good coach though and decent bloke, genuinely gives back to the game. He’s a good listen as well at the 1/4 time and 3/4 time breaks…


I once heard he missed a few games through being banged-up in the big house, not injury as was reported at the time. No idea if true.

Definitely moved in unsavoury circles in his playing days.


Darren Millane’s death hit him hard.


How was the talk Hoff?


Not sure you can ask for a massive pay cheque from a local footy team and also give back to the game at the same time


Brilliant. They talked for about an hour, effectively uninterrupted. Mick Mcguane MC’d well and allowed them to go off on tangents. The first bit was on their early career and then premiership years. Hirdy spoke about his face injury - first time I’d heard in graphic detail about what it was like. They both adore Sheedy - that comes thru very clearly but they are still bemused by him too. They spoke about the saga bs and the toll on families and the players (and supporters). It was also obvious how much James loves his wife and kids. Some home truths were shared. Hirdy spoke about the lead up to his hospitalisation. He spoke honestly about depression and how it affected him. He said he is on the right path now and his family and happiness are far more important now. He shared the message - if you know someone who isn’t in a good place, don’t think they are ok, check. A text message, a phone call, anything helps. Even if they don’t reply, the fact that a number of past players would do this, made him feel human. There was a Q&A at the end, and it was funny and poignant. He did say that he thinks that Woosha is the man for the job at EFC.


Thanks. Good crowd? Questions submitted for vetting as per Fletcher/Watson talk or just off the cuff?


Lock out crowd, I reckon at least 250/300. Off the cuff questions, definitely not as edited, like the Jobe/Fletch talk.


Sorry I missed it now.


If it happens again, don’t miss it.