A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Thanks for the info, that’s sounds fantastic.

How great to hear James talking about all that has happened and being on the right path given where he has been.

Will definitely try and catch the next one if it happens.


Not sure where this comment belongs, but I have to get it off my chest. AFL 360 is the shittest show on TV. I’ve never watched it before, but it was a last resort as I live OS and it’s all that’s available on AFL Watch. For starters it has my most disliked journo in Footy - Mark Robinson. He’s a try hard cool guy, with an over inflated opinion of his importance in AFL and Gerrard is just a weird, creepy, dude. It’s complete rubbish.

Rant over.


I was a big fan of it early in the piece, but now it’s nothing more than a vehicle for the AFL to spew their agenda. Now that Gerard sold his soul to the devil and joined commercial radio he’s just another AFL mouthpiece whereas previously he was a bit more impartial and used to have a go at the league. Now that’s completely disappeared. On radio and on the show he no longer criticises the AFL.


Rant well received. I love pretty much anything footy. When this show started I watched it a lot for the footy content. I now can’t watch a minute of it due mainly to Robinson. He is terrible. Gerard I don’t particularly like on TV but I do listen, and enjoy, his radio stuff on SEN.

I often wonder (someone might know) how TV sport shows critique or evaluate the performance of their staff. Obviously ratings has the final and majority say. Eg Robinson - I cannot imagine that anyone, anywhere, thinks to themselves ‘360 is about to start and I love Mark Robinson’s take on footy, I’ve gotta tune in’. The show might do ok, but imagine what it could do with a footy person that people could tolerate. Chief footy writer of The Sun, seriously? People actually buy that paper to get his take on footy??

Same with Cameron Mooney, he just seems to add less than zero every time he opens his gob and most of the time it’s to do a blokey “hey Dermie, how tough were we both back in the day, rah rah”.


What about The Bounce?


Nah,not for me. Danny Frawley sneaks in just behind Robinson and Mooney for most annoying in my book.


Focus groups.

The flaw with focus groups being they are populated largely by unemployed/retired idiots, and there’s nothing to actually compare presenters with.


Yeah, thanks, I did wonder about that. It seems so ineffective for a multi million dollar investment and ‘business’.

They obviously use the big guns, Ed, Lyon, Healy, Brown, Roos on as many shows as they can but there are so many that guys like Mooney remain employed.


Never seen the bounce. I struggle with Footy related media in general these days. It’s a saturated market thus full of nothing stories and pointless over analysis. I’d rather just watch a game and that’s not always easy either!


I watch TF and that’s it, and really only for Tim, and even that’s a struggle with having to mute Darcy all the time.


The level of discussion here is far far higher than anything the networks put up


But this is essentially niche, for nerds.
There’s not much of a mass market for that.

Also, you suck. (Just to bring the tone back down to earth a little)


Stopped watching or reading footy coverage as a result of the saga. I used to start reading the paper from the sports page and read all footy stories. Not anymore.


Dunno about the niche nerds things.
For example;
FindingNemo & Donnington seem potentially excellent hosts for commercial TV.
One SEES EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, and brings that all important air of impending panic to everything.
The other doesn’t care about contradicting themselves, and has proved quite adept at focusing on players looks, with a soupçon of creepiness.

Couldn’t be worse than what we’ve got.
Though I agree that TV isn’t quite ready to replace Brian Taylor with a tag team of WOB & Stallion calling the footy.


Roaming Donnington would be such an awesome thing


Guelfi: “Sir, are you even a qualified masseuse?”


BT, Huddo, Brayshaw etc etc are miles off the 90s commentators. You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

By miles off I mean, they need to wait until we are complaining about a new crop of commentators, say in 10-15 years.

Only then can we can look back with rose coloured glasses and pretend 2019 was a golden age.


The bounce the worst thing ever produced on TV in the history of TV. Every year of TFS is better than that, as was Live and Kicking. Apparently yelling means the joke is funny.

Frawley is stupid, but we all knew that. However the 4th person they have on there (often Gaze, but lady some tall girl) are just terrible. It’s ■■■■■■■ embarrassing


I’d like to think that in fifteen years time, just as fifteen years before, football commentators aren’t talking about each other’s ■■■■■.
You may say I’m a dreamer.


The bounce in a nutshell:

Frawley: “Defenders are good. I like seeing spoils”
Dunstall: “You’re a flog, potato”
ALL OF THEM: Laughs like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard
Dunstall: really angry “DROP PUNTS! DROP PUNTS! DROP PUNTS!”

Rinse and repeat.