A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Why would he let it go.

Essendon sells/clicks.


They write on these issues because if they wrote about the football people would clearly know they have zero idea what football is or how it is played. They are “sports journalists” who barely watch games or understand the rules, so they focus on the peripheral subjects because it is all they know.


Reckon they should parade Robbo, Caro and Damo before the crowd at the G next week when we play the Cats.

Booing will be very widespread, extremely loud and well earned.


I’m already hyped about booing GAJ on Sunday.


Stories about Essendon = Days of our Lives.


Robbo is in Eddie’s pocket. He knows who butters his bread


He looks like he eats it with a spoon, straight from the tub.




Nope, I wont boo GAJ. I will be booing the umpires as soon as they enter the ground though


Today’s Hun


I really hope that happens.


Mumford and a sausage?


I’m conflicted, if he stays - boo. If he goes - Hocking is the anointed one - boooo!


Channel 7: We can’t possibly find someone as ruthless, horrible and unethical as Tim Worner

Gil: Hold my beer


Conflict of interest city. The next rights deal for ch 7 will cost 50 billion. Shouldn’t be allowed. Bunch of dogs.


Don’t let yourself be distracted
It’s Selwood who is the traditional booing targeting.

Though Dangerfield’s continued whinging to the umps is seeing him make a fast run up the outside.


Fat Andy: I’ve think I’ve found the most spineless, unlikable person with the least amount of empathy for the football public as my successor.

Dill McC0ckring: Hold my beer…


Holy crap, that’s a worrying thought.

Well, I hope everyone is excited for a 10 week AFLX tournament, a Grand Final starting at midnight and the competition to expand to 57 teams by 2030.


Gillon is only a symptom of the culture at AFL house. Whoever replaces him will come from the same place and be equally as pathetic


And I’ll bet there still won’t be one in Tassie.