A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Exactly. Since when has Charlie been called a sausage? :wink:


When it’s the size of a bratwurst!




How fantastic! He can look in the mirror and negotiate with himself for the broadcasting rights.

What a nightmare for the AFL which is why A.D. hired him in the first place so the AFL would not have to negotiate against him.


It’s say good riddance but the next guy will be as bad or worse


Tom Browne wearing a faceful of egg according to News Ltd online.
He tweeted that Jack Riewoldt had scans that indicated no surgery was required.
Jack Riewoldt replied that Tom made it up.
Apparently the scans were not done until after Tom Browne sent out his tweet.

“Tom made it up” lol, but thats not actually “News”, is it?


Everyone in the AFL media is an IDIOT.


Everyone in the AFL media is a puppet.


Except Lee Gaskin.


No most are not everyone.


i’d say don’t boo him cos it’s obviously riled him up to play better.
boo selwood the flog and most people will prolly agree.
not that i boo.


Isn’t one of the Blitz truisms that for the last twenty years we lacked players who will say boo to anyone?
Can we leave it to the players to boo Selwood, Ablett & the umpires?


Windsock Boy is a trouble maker.


Selwood a goose


If Gill the Dill does go to 7 then the best thing the AFL could possibly do is being someone in from completely outside the game. That’s the only way I see them leaving the game alone.


David Gallup?
James Sutherland?
Raelene Castle?


That would almost be the most AFL thing the AFL could do.

You were in charge when a sport had to conduct two internal reviews, both of which found enormous cultural issues?

Welcome aboard!


Wasn’t Sutherland at Princes Park pre-cricket?


Damian Barrett