A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Vlad was about to restructure his position and diminish his influence, so he could see the writing on the wall. Vlad wanted Gill to succeed him. Anderson could see that he was gunna be shafted and preemptively decided to leave.


Any man/woman Vlad didn’t want around must have been doing something right. For a start Anderson probably knows what the word integrity means.


Was that part if his sliding doors drivel? Has nothing to do with sliding doors, so should be retitled Preaching ■■■■■■■. Forever.


J Wooshfold is up next on SEN.


Adrian Anderson would be a good replacement to Gil, anti boys club and would change things.


A mannequin head would be a good replacement for Gil


Roos plays his trump card esentially revealling he is actually a bit of an ahole who is prone to barracking in the commentary box. But I guess we all knew all that ( from news.com.au)

Legend’s brutal commentary swipe

The opening quarter between Brisbane and Sydney was one way traffic for the home side, but it was in the commentary box where the real battle unfolded.

Lions player Mitch Robinson went flying backwards to take a big mark, but was collected by a Sydney player and earned the free kick.

The moment brought about a discussion in the box between AFL legend Paul Roos and commentator Anthony Hudson. Here’s how the discussion unfolded between the two.

Paul Roos : “He had his fist out to spoil, Robinson didn’t mark it did he?”

Anthony Hudson : “Are you allowed to hip and shoulder someone in a marking contest?”

P.R : “Hip and shoulder? He tried to spoil him, you ever played the game?”

A.H : “Oh you’ve gone with that!”


Someone hasn’t really published that as a news article, have they?


Yes. Slow news day clearly.



Die FS die


Finding the twitter opinion on this pretty amusing. A lot of eggs blaming ‘PC IdIOtS’. Would be much more accurate to point the finger at The Front Bar I think.


What a shame.


During the nineties the footy show was great imo. Good footy talk and Sam being at his best adding the entertainment part

When Eddie became pies president it went downhill because he couldn’t hide his bias

Then Once they started having journalists as “special guests” on it trying to break news and act all important it killed the show

Though I must say the episode when Sam got dacked is the funniest show they ever did


Sam made that show and parasites like Barrett ruined it.


Nothing. Is. Forever


My older brother loved it and had the same PC opinion.
No Street Talk, Sam was muzzled, etc.

I get why councils reduced access to Street Talk because it was always painting particular areas in a poor light and wasn’t a good look.
I also support the muzzling of Sam. He doesn’t need to degrade people to get his point across but he does.

Also there is no need to name the teams anymore. With DT and internet, 90% of people know who is in or out by 7pm.

The Front Bar is the perfect show. It’s basically a replica of Before the Game. It will run its course because that show format will get tired.
It knows what it’s audience wants and it delivers. The Footy Show hasn’t done that for more than a decade.


Sam was the only thing on the show worth watching.




The most pathetic thing I ever saw on that show was Rebecca Maddern suggesting they stop using the run through banners at the start of the game.

I’ve never seen a more transparent attempt to raise controversy since Mundine was relevant.