A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I’d rather poke my eyes out with a ■■■■-covered blunt pipe.




Good thing you don’t need your eyes to listen to a podcast.


If you cut your ears off, you go blind.

Because your hat falls over your eyes.


This is it.


No no no it isn’t. Neither of them are clever or have insight. They are football bogans who make up stories for a living.

I’d hazard a guess that there might be a few million podcasts containing more insight and wisdom than you could get from Hutch and a man nicknamed ‘the purple headed warrior’, but hey, whatever floats your boat


Cynical is how I’d describe Hutchinson
Rat cunning, rather than any strategic insight.

He’s a sewer rat politician who has the “wisdom” to accuse the other mob of doing exactly what they’re doing first, so when the (serious) accusations are raised against them it looks like petty tit-for-tat. And good at picking winning bandwagons to jump onto.
Not thinking of anyone in particular.


And I’m quoting this because it deserves more than one feature.
Fark them both to hell.


You should really try listening to it.


Lol, that is A1 trolling, kudos my friend


I’m serious. Give them a chance, understand that they’re well up themselves, but they’re obviously very experienced in what they do – whether you like what they do or not.




can’t believe what i’m reading


who hurt you??


Essendon Football Club circa 2012-17




And Queenslanders reckon fluorided water makes us southerners stupid!!


I’m alarmed this is such new news. I’ve been hate listening to this podcast, and hate watching footy classified for years.

It’s the only way I can feel anything anymore.


That’s one weird weird kink.


Going to back up riolo here. Worth listening too. Some highlights of their recent podcast: