A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


This ain’t going well for you Rolo. If you want to nuke the thread I won’t judge


Off The Bench on Saturday mornings on SEN is good. Hutchinson, Pickering and Dr Horse have a good rapport. Football is only half of what they talk about which is probably why it makes for fun listening. That segment where the union bloke’s voice goes all squeaky is hilarious.


my lord. lordy lordy lordy




This thread making Ivan’s swipe failures look light weight.




What’s wrong with you nerks?


Turn off sen, man.
And back away slowly.


You’re buying exactly what he’s selling.
He’s worked out a persona that resonates, he doesn’t care that it resonates in a negative way - it sells and he’s making a huge living out of it.

As I said. The guys a prick. But he knows what he’s got.


I love Damien Barrett btw. He’s so honest, intelligent and he’s farking gorgeous.

Is this what we’re doing now? I am going to chuck.


Does the the podcast have a name?

Suggestion 1: Hutchy and Damo: The Douchening


By the time I’m done it’s going to approach Ivan Star Wars levels


I searched for Craig Hutchison and it wasn’t on the first three pages of results so I can only assume either his winning persona is not part of the marketing of the podcast, or it’s so successful it’s broken iTunes.
Because he’s a business genius and all.


He’s taking the Footy show so far south it’s crossed Antarctica and hit thise islands off Argentina. Saturday mornings? SEN? Would get outrated by the Armenian news!!
All evidence would suggest he’s ratings poison.


He never crafted a likeable persona. He’s a perfect fit for footy classified because it suits the tone of the show. But he doesn’t have the broad appeal of a McGuire, Brayshaw, etc, for the footy show proper.

He’s a bad fit for the job but then the job is hosting a show with a terribly dated format. Also mentioned in the last podcast he has zero creative control in the direction of the show, so he’s a sitting duck.


You mean footy c.ntified? Yes of course he suits it. He is one.

I beat the filter!


Must be exhausting for you lot hating everyone and everything.


They need someone likable that they can hang ■■■■ on, not someone hatable no one can stand. Gary Lyon fitted that part until his Billy wife stuff.


He’s a bad fit for every suit I’ve ever seen him attempt.


Yeah hi Hutchy.