A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Not sure I get the whole love for the NRL show having watched it a few times. Yes they have segments, but it’s all very cringey, certainly not much better than what the AFL one was/is. They also have a “make fun of the fat guy” regular parts. I don’t watch the AFL one now since Lyon/Brayshaw, which I thought was decent.


Been revealed today Garry has been porking Mrs Brownless for 5 years


who the fark cares


Garry’s ex-wife i assume since she’s the one who blabbed to the media.




And the 39 people who have clicked on the link.

The guy is a dumb ■■■■, why is he even on the air?


I thought that was a prerequisite for being a major on-air presence? Has something changed?




That she’s doing the NY Marathon is the real story.


Theres has been a board room cleanout and possible majority ownership change at SEN.
Chairman John Bertrand has been deposed and other board members removed. Rumour has it that SEN will be/ has been taken over by Croc Media.

Given that the major owners of Croc appear to be horse racing people, there may be significant change in the focus of SEN, which has been footy for some time.

Tim and Garry are wondering how long they have to keep on getting up at 4 am weekdays.


I don’t think they are if you listened to them this morning.


CM also has strong footy links.


elaboration please?


When you’re as rich as them you don’t have to do anything.


If you can’t run a successful radio station around footy how on earth will you do it for racing?


Is SEN Hutchey’s business of the week?


I am just worried about John Bertrand. Whats he going to do for a living now ?


Pert also got the push, when reportedly he was poised to take over as MD of SEN.
Also, I thought Hutchy was the majority owner of Croc Media.


Croc is apparently the umbrella AFL radio rights holder, and will be able to leverage its rights through its own outlet if it takes over SEN and presumably lower SENS cost base and maybe merge in the "production function for the interstate customers.if itt is not already doing so,

"…However, Crocmedia, which has become the umbrella rights-holder, will now oversee various programming and match-day calling agreements with all AFL broadcasters across Australia, producing five games on its own each round into all capital cities.

Crocmedia will also produce extended football and program coverage for AFL.com.au
.In a contentious negotiation with SEN, Crocmedia will provide broadcasts for that station’s two weekend twilight games, along with providing game coverage for 5AA in Adelaide and 6PR in Perth and extending the AFL coverage into Sydney and Brisbane through the Macquarie and Southern Cross networks…"


Watch out Eddie, Hutchies comin ta getcha.