A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


As much as Hutchy is a bit of ■■■■, he is a smart ■■■■.


Rolo is too busy beating off to this news to post in this thread obviously


Move over Tim and Garry. Hello 4 hours of hutchy and Damo every morning.

How can they be the radio rights manager AND also own a radio station. Oh wait corruption.


Hi Rolo


Racing is on 7 days a week, and prettt much around the clock if you include O/S feeds.

The footy news cycle runs dry by about Monday-Tuesday.


Only way they could make it much cheaper is by not paying anyone at all

Ah, never mind.


Looking forward to SENs ratings completely tanking and the station eventually being sold to Eddie.


They’re 9th or 10th in AM ratings, can’t get too much lower.


Today Lyon and Tim were having a crack at another journo who must have written or said that they were on the way out. They didn’t just flat bat the issue away they seemed pretty cocky about it in that cocky way of when you do actually know something i.e. they’ve just signed contracts for next year or something.




There’s a lot of things that happen all week that have lower public interest than football.


True, but there’s apparently only 4 radio stations that have lower public interest than SEN.


That’s why the saga was gold for them. They complained about it, but it kept their programming full and they needed to do even less work than usual.


The least Hutchy could do is get rid of Kevin Bartlett. Christ i hate KB




Don’t hold your breath; Hutchingsun loves the crusty old-fart “legends”.
He employed Rex Hunt on his regional radio network for about 5 years after his use-by date which was totally ridiculous.
He had NFI what was going on in the game; couldn’t keep up with it & the only thing he could do was continually re-heat his lame old “jokes”.
Yet he just kept getting a gig, year after year.
Was an absolute disgrace.


“Coming up next, it’s time for Purple Mornings with Damien Barrett”


I like KB. And Patrick Smith.


Take it easy.


Checking out celebrity net worth ( no doubt just a guess, or even put on the web by themselves)
Eddy maguire $55M
Craig Huchinson $50M
Does that sound right to you?