A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


The last thing Fox Footy needed was more commentators.


Don’t think any media company will give you a job to do that.


unless you’;re ch7 and cameron ling.


Never stopped Eddie. Or roos. Or Dunstall.


Think rolo is talking about defending Essendon




Geez that fox footy lineup is ordinary.

“I know what we need to spice things up, Gary Lyon.”


Fark me. That is too many commentators wtf


Crazy good No Derwayne


Bomber Thompson not working on Fox next year?


Don’t tell me they finally got rid of him!

If Seven can do the same to Basil and Bruce it will be a fantastic year.


You can count the number of good commentators on one hand. The rest are ■■■■ who just got boys club jobs. Fark them.


Ling is one I’d like to see get the lemonade.


Cameron Mooney, Nick Dal Santo and Brian Lake are calling AFL yet Jason Bennett is not. Figure that one out.


Commentator for every player on the field. Special comments for very special players.


So Smelli Underwear is leaving the ABC ? In that case I’ll stick with Aunty.


If they start handing out jobs to anyone who’s merely talented and dedicated to doing their job well, the whole circle-jerking system collapses.


Some people need to get a better grip on life. EFC has world class facilities, record membership, made a 5m profit in 2017, is now destination club and has an exciting list. Who cares how many ex Essendon players are in the media. It makes no difference to the success of EFC.


5-time day, 5-time night, all-time carnt.


slept through the last 5 years, did we?